• Can I free up my ticket? Will the Seient Lliure scheme be active?
    No, the Seient Lliure service will not be available during the months the team plays at the Estadi Lluís Companys.

  • Will I still have my seat in the same area at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys?
    It is a different stadium and the season ticket holders will have to choose a new area. 

  • The season tickets for Spotify Camp Nou will be renewed automatically?
    Season ticket holder at Spotify Camp Nou for 22/23, who do not get a Barça season pass during the specified period, will not have their ticket renewed automatically. 

  • Will there be children's tickets? Child passport? Senior passport?
    There will not be children's tickets nor passports.

  • My passes at the Estadi Lluís Companys, will they still be together as at Spotify Camp Nou?
    If members have chosen the same area, at the moment of requesting tickets for each game, you can make a joint request and seats can be together up to a limit of six. Family members or groups who currently do not have seats together at Spotify Camp Nou can have tickets together at Montjuïc as long as they are in the same area and make their request together. 

  • Will I have a fixed seat? Or will my seat change game by game?
    The season pass does not included a fixed seat for the whole season; the seats will be different for each game. The system will the same as the one used during the pandemic and members will have to request a ticket for each game. 

  • Can I request a suspension of my season ticket? And my parking space?
    Yes, you can request a suspension of your season ticket at Spotify Camp Nou. The fee for the parking space does not have to be paid as there is no parking at Montjuïc.

  • Will season ticket prices be the same at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys?
    It is a different stadium and the season tickets holders select a different price area to that of Spotify Camp Nou. 

  • Is the idea to play at Montjuïc for just one season? 
    The plan is to play at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys until November 2024, when we will return home for the Club's 125th anniversary.

  • If I request a suspension, what happens to my Seient Lliure credit from this season? Will it be paid to me or discounted from the next season I have a season ticket? 
    The amount accumulated will be kept for the season we return to play at Spotify Camp Nou. 

  • Will members who go to Montjuïc be rewarded in any way? 
    Yes, the system will automatically assign the best seats in each area to the season ticket holder who have attended the greatest number of game at the Estadi Lluís Companys. Those who have attended 85% or more of the games at Spotify Camp Nou during the 22/23 season (as of 2 May), will have preferential choice of areas for the season pass at Montjuïc, 24 hours ahead of the rest of the season ticket holders. 

  • Will the fans with reduced mobility be taken into account at Montjuïc?
    Yes, there will be an reserved area. 

  • Can you park at Spotify Camp Nou and then get a shuttle bus to Montjuïc?
    No es podrà aparcar al Camp Nou. Les llançadores sortiran de dos punts, un al C/ del Foc i una altra prop de Plaça Espanya.

  • Will there be the Grada d’Animació?
    Yes, there is an area reserved for this group.

  • Will there be a catering area?
    Yes. Fans and members will have access to catering. 

  • Will there be areas for away fans?
    Yes, there will be space reserved for away fans. 

  • When is the form available?
    From 3 May for fans who have attended the majority of games in 22/23 and 5 May for the rest of the members.

  • Will the women's team be able to play at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys? 
    The agreement contains the possibility, should the Club see fit to do so. 

  • If a member does not request a season pass and wishes to attend certain matches, can only season ticket holders do so? Or can members without season tickets do so later?  
    All members can buy tickets with a discount.  

  • Can you make group season pass requests? 
    No, season passes are individual. However, ticket request can be grouped up to six for individual matches.

  • During the 23/24 season can you change the season ticket holder's name at Spotify Camp Nou? 
    Yes, the name changes are maintained on the Camp Nou capacity.

  • Will it be compulsory to fill in the form to buy/waive a season pass?
    It is recommended to state a preference; if it is not filled in, it will be take that the right to a season pass is waived. 

  • Season ticket holders who do not buy a season pass for 23/24 will still be able to buy discounted tickets? 

  • The season passes are individual or can I let someone else use it? 
    The season pass gives you the right to request tickets for games at the Estadi Lluís Companys.
    When a member requests tickets and it is approved, they will receive tickets via the new e-ticket app and through the Socis App and they can release them to a third party. 

  • If I don't buy a season pass, do I lose any rights regarding the season when we go back to Spotify Camp Nou? 
    As a season ticket holder, regarding the return, you retain your right to a season ticket. 


  • Will there be extra public transport to get to Plaça Espanya?
    The Club has informed TMB of the need to put on extra transport on match days. 

  • Will lighting be improved in the area?
    Yes, to improve the quality. 

  • More security on match day?
    The security will depend on the nature of each game, both for police bodies (Guàrdia Urbana and Mossos d’Esquadra) as well as the Club's security. 

  • Com es podrà pujar en transport públic a l’Estadi Lluís Companys?

    Es podrà pujar en llançadores i funicular. Com a mínim hi haurà 2 línies de llançadores que sortiran de dos punts diferents de la muntanya.

  • How often will the shuttle buses be?
    Every 4 minutes. 9 Convoys in groups of three. 

  • Journey time on the mechanical escalators?
    25 minutes.

  • When do match day operations start?
    Doors open 90 minutes before kick off. As at Spotify Camp Nou, match day operations start 4 hours before. We are working on pre game activities so people can arrive early.  

  • Parking for mopeds/motorbikes?
    Yes, specific parking
  • Can you get a taxi to the stadium?

  • Can I take the car to the stadium?
    There are  places reserved for match day staff and Club commitments. Also for people with reduced mobility. 

  • Parking space at the Fira?
    Around 2,000.

  • How many people can use the shuttle bus?
    2,000 per hour per bus.

  • Capacitat d’absorció del funicular?
    4800  persones hores en capacitat normal. Podria incrementar fins a 9.600 passatgers hora.

  • Es podrà pujar en autocar?

    Si, només reservat per penyes i afició contrària, unes 65 places.

  • Where do the buses drop you off?
    There is a zone in front of the stadium and there is parking for supporters' clubs and away fans. 

  • Is there an incentive for season tickets holders to use public transport? 
    The shuttle buses will be free and the Club is working on a strategy to promote public transport. 



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