The process to update the Member Census gets under way

The process to update the Member Census gets under way

The objective is to ascertain the number of people involved and identify all members in order to improve the Club's security, communication and services

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors have decided to begin from March 21 the process of updating the Member Census in order to better understand the data currently at the Club's disposal and to expand the members' profiles to improve and increase the personalisation of communication between the Club and its members. 

This process of updating the census was one of the decisions taken by the Board of Directors in a meeting on 21 June 2022 with the main aim of bringing up to date the detail of all involved and have a greater idea of the actual numbers of members.

Creation of a digital profile 

The last census carried out by FC Barcelona took place back in 2012 and updating it will allow the Club to have a better idea of all the members involved, something that is vital with regards to modernising the Club and to managing the working of the Espai Barça project. Furthermore, the identification of each member's profile will bring with it an improvement in the communication, services and in any kind of relationship that may come about between the Club and its members.  

Via a straightforward, digital process on the Club's website or the Socis App each member will be able to update their details and a new innovation will be for adult members to configure their digital profile with a photograph and a recording of their voice. 

The new census bear the hallmarks of the Club's commitment to digitalisation and includes creating a digital profile for all members to get to know them better and to present them with services and information in a more personal and directed manner according to their preferences. 

This regularization of the census is initially open to those members of legal age, who must comply with all parts of the process. Later, access will be opened to minors, for whom the Club will soon inform about the procedure they will have to follow.

Updating the Member Census

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More information on the Members Census  

Security and advantages for members and for the Club

As far as security is concerned, having an up to date census with the correct details included will make it easier for the necessary identification for any kind of interaction with the Club, be it administrative, accessing the sporting facilities, making use of the different services available to members, taking part in Club activities, taking part in consultations or formalising details for elections amongst other topics. 

The new census signifies an important step forward for members with it comes to dealing with the Club in any way, with a more direct service, more personalised information via each member's preferred channel and easier management via applications, the website or telephone attention. 

The putting together of the new census will allow the Club to have a proper idea of all the members involved, discovering possible lapsed memberships without notification and identifying those season tickets belonging to members who have passed away. 

The coming adoption of digital methods for accessing the facilities using mobile phones (eAbonament and eTicket) also make necessary the updating of details in order for the process to work properly, and at the same time bringing greater security, preventing fraud and the improper use of tickets and season tickets. 


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