The FC Barcelona Foundation is looking for volunteers to act as mentors for the young people coming out of care within the framework of the 'Joves Futur+' project

The FC Barcelona Foundation is looking for volunteers to act as mentors for the young people coming out of care within the framework of the 'Joves Futur+' project

This initiative aims to create a network between Club members and staff and the La Caixa Foundation that supports and provides training to the participants in this programme aimed at promoting their reintegration into society and the workplace.

The FC Barcelona Foundation invites its members and the workers of the Club and the La Caixa Foundation to collaborate in an initiative that aims to generate a network of volunteers from all over Catalonia who act as mentors or provide training using their knowledge within the group of participants of the JOVES FUTUR+ project. This is a programme that was launched two months ago, together with the La Caixa Foundation, to promote the social and occupational reintegration of young people who are no longer in care.

This means the people who form part of these groups, who live in Catalonia and have the time, motivation, concerns, interests and a diverse training profile may choose to become mentors of participants in the JOVES FUTUR+ project between September 2022 and June 2023.

The ultimate goal is that these hundred young people, who do not have a family or social network, have the personal support and backing that offers them the tools they need on a training, work, psychosocial and emotional level to help them with their social reintegration.

Selection and training process

All interested parties will have to pass a selection interview to see if they meet the necessary requirements to become a mentor within the programme. Once their application has been validated, they will receive free initial training, their participation will be formalised, and they will receive expert support and follow-up throughout the process.

To carry out this mentoring, people of legal age are sought who are sociable, empathic and communicative, with training profiles and diverse hobbies and interests and with occasional involvement (in the case of group mentoring) or regular involvement (in the case  individual mentoring).

Benefits and personal growth

Mentoring is a personal development and support relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person voluntarily offers support to a less experienced or knowledgeable person, especially in some aspects of life (work, educational, emotional, leisure, sport, etc.).

It brings benefits to both the person receiving support and the mentor, who acts as a 'guide', influences the personal growth of both and is based on face-to-face communication, where people meet in an informal but planned context, for a sustainable time, during which this relationship is monitored.

This mentoring may be individual, in which the young person maintains habitual and regular contact with the mentor and shares hobbies, discovers the environment, receives help with the language, etc., or group, when the mentor offers knowledge, tools, skills, etc. within  more training-based format.

The application process and registration can be done until 31 August using the following form: CLICK HERE.

More information at: or Tel.: +34 609 565 996


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