FC Barcelona is reforming the Statutes and members can participate in the process

FC Barcelona is reforming the Statutes and members can participate in the process

They can submit ideas, suggestions, and proposals for updating and improving the Club's constitution online. The proposal will be formulated by the Board of Directors and presented for approval at the Club's next Ordinary Assembly.

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors has approved the creation of a Commission to reform the Statutes and promote a process for members to participate in updating the Statutes to adapt to contemporary society.

The aim is to gather ideas, suggestions, and proposals to update and improve the set of regulations that govern the Club's activity. The situation is constantly evolving, and there is also the proliferation of new technologies and the new options they provide for participating in the Club's social processes. Recent months have provided evidence for precisely that, with the virtual referendum on the Espai Barça financing and the virtual Extraordinary Assembly to approve Spotify sponsorship.

Contributions can be made from Monday, May 16 for the following month via a specific site in the Club website. The idea is to subject the proposal resulting from the process for approval by delegate members during the next Ordinary Assembly.

The Club will also promote meetings with member groups to listen to all the proposals, concerns, and suggestions for inclusion in the new proposal for the Statutes.

Working commission to supervise the process

The Working Commission to undertake the Statute Reform process comprises vice-president Elena Fort, Board of Directors secretary Josep Cubells, Disciplinary Commission member Ramon Esteve, Economic Commission members Jaume Guardiola and Jaume Carrasco, notary Juan Carlos Ollé, and Club member representative Joan Manel Trayter.

Latest update

Last October saw the Assembly approve the latest update to the Statutes. The modified articles introduced text into the constitution on issues regarding promoting democratic values, equality and no discrimination, the eradication of chauvinistic, homophobic, and racist attitudes in the social and sporting domains, adding that a new member can join virtually, and that the number of Board of Directors will change from 21 to a maximum of 25 members.

The reform also included that the length of mandate will reduce from six to five calendar years, with the ethical code extended to every Club employee, and a new article regarding the Ethics and Transparency Commission introduced. Furthermore, two temporary dispositions were approved, the first modifying that the length of the mandate would not affect the current Board of Directors, and the second that due to the recorded losses and debt incurred by the Club on approving the accounts for the 2020/21 season, article 67 is temporarily suspended and not in effect until the assets have been restored to a net positive.

Historical record of statute reforms

The Club's Statutes have been adapting to current times throughout its 122 years of history, with different reforms adapting to the social and institutional changes experienced during every period. Besides constituting the document that contains all the regulations governing the Club's activity, the Statutes are an outstanding tool for understanding the political, economic, and social situation in our country.

The first FC Barcelona Statutes were formulated in 1902, three years after the Club was founded, and contained twenty articles. Subsequently, the Club has had new Statutes in 1911, 1921, 1927*, 1932, 1940, 1950, 1955, 1959, 1964, 1967, 1973, 1981, 1992, 2001, 2009, 2013, 2018, and 2021.

You can use the following link to consult every Statute that has ever been in force throughout FC Barcelona's entire history:

* The 1927 Statutes are not available at the FC Barcelona Documentation and Studies Center

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