Personal details necessary to vote in the Assembly

Personal details necessary to vote in the Assembly

It is vitally important for delegates to check their password, personal code, mobile phone, date of birth and e-mail coincide with details held by the Club

Given that the Extraordinary General Assembly for the ratification of the collaboration with Spotify is being carried out remotely on Sunday April 3, the member delegates taking part will have to cast their vote remotely also. Therefore, it is important for each member delegate to check beforehand their personal details held by the Club are up to date via the FC Barcelona website. 

For member delegates to be able to access the Assembly and exercise their right to vote remotely, they will have to use their personal details to verify their identity as a member delegate with the right to vote. 

For that reason it is vital the Club has access to the following details: 

  • Member password.
  • Personal code (PIN).
  • Date of birth.
  • Mobile phone. 
  • E-mail address. 

It is vital that the details are details help by the Club are up to date and coincide with those used by each member in order to guarantee the security and functioning of the assembly process and voting. 

Check and updating of details

Details can be accessed and modified if necessary online at the Club's website (access is at the following link with password and personal code). 

(If you don't remember your personal code, from the same link you can generate new code). 

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