General information

General information

The process for delegate members to register for access to the virtual room and the channels for interaction

The Extraordinary Assembly on April 3 to address the proposed agreement with Spotify as a new sponsor, with delegate members voting on its ratification, will take place virtually for the first time in the Club's history.

Delegate members are convened at 10.00am for the first round and 10.30am for the second round of voting (both CET). The Assembly polling table, in the presence of the Board of Directors, will be set up in the Auditori 1899, and the Agenda will start with the president's report, before addressing the proposed sponsorship from Spotify and ratification by the Assembly.

This call by the Club's Board of Directors goes out to the 4,478 delegate members that make up the FC Barcelona General Assembly, ​comprised of a random selection of 2.5% of the members, the Club's Senators, the current members of the Board of Directors, the members of the statutes commission, ex-presidents of the Club, and the presidents of the regional penya federations who have been members for at least five years.

Spotify agreement documentation 

All members who wish to do so may request a copy of the documents that form part of the second order of the day exclusively for their own use and study under their own responsibility. 

Requests can be made via the e-mail address  or in person at the OAB office with an appointment

How do I register for the Assembly?

Using any mobile device or computer, enter, where there will be a link to the dedicated Assembly site, where delegate members can register in order to participate and cast their vote when required.

The registration process requires first entering your Membership codePersonal code (PIN), and date of birth.

Delegate members will then receive an SMS to their mobile phone containing a 6 digit number that will need to be entered to confirm their registration.

For that reason it is vitally important for members to check and update their details in order to avoid any problems in accessing the virutal Assembly. 

The details can be updated on the Club's website.

Once registered, you will have access to the virtual room, with a screen from which you can follow the Assembly proceedings via streaming, with some buttons available for sending questions and casting the vote when permitted.

Delegate member interventions

Delegate members will have different channels to ask their questions regarding the sponsorship addressed during the Assembly.

  1. Three days before the Assembly, a new module will become available in this website to enable delegate members to send their questions regarding the sponsorship included as point 2 of the agenda, which will be answered during the Assembly.

  2. During the Assembly, a button in the virtual room will become active to enable delegate members to write their questions for the polling table.

  3. Via a videoconferencing system in the virtual room, delegate members will be able to request their intention to intervene and ask their questions in real-time.

With respect to the last point of the Agenda regarding the interventions, any proposed questions cannot be sent in advance using the form, and can only be asked when entering the virtual room or by requesting intervention via videoconferencing during the Assembly itself.

How can I follow the Assembly?

Via streaming through

On Barça TV, via TDT in Catalonia, or via the following platforms in the rest of Spain: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Grupo Euskaltel and FuboTV.

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