What is Espai Barça?

It is a project to transform the FC Barcelona facilities in the neighbourhood of Les Corts, including the reforming of Camp Nou, the building of a new Palau Blaugrana, a Campus Barça and the building of the now finished Estadi Johan Cruyff at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Espai Barça will become the biggest and most innovative sports and entertainment complex within a European city. 

Why is it necessary?

Because our facilities are becoming obsolete. Camp Nou is now 63 years old and it lacks in areas of comfort, hospitality, sustainability and accessibility. We need to integrate the Campus Barça into the city, it will bring economic benefits that will allow us to keep competing at the top level and it will deliver facilities that match the Club's size. 

What was approved in the 2014 referendum?

In April 2014 the Espai Barça project was put to the members in a referendum and they supported with 72.3% of the votes. The project put forward included a financial plan to pay 600 million euros via the Club's own resources, sponsors and bank debt. 

What has been done up to now?

At the moment some 5% of the project has been completed and 145 million euros invested. Urban planning permission in Les Corts has been granted and the Estadi Johan Cruyff has been built. 

When will construction be finished and what happens if it held up? 

First off, it is vital to obtain the financing for the work. Construction at Camp Nou is expected for the season 2024/25. Different scenarios are being considered amongst which are the possibility of playing away from Camp Nou, for example at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc, or playing at Camp Nou with a reduced capacity. The decision that is taken will have an impact on the planned schedule for the work. 

Will members have to make a one-off additional payment? 

No. The Espai Barça will not incur any costs for members. 

Is there political agreement and one with the neighbourhood?

Yes, the political parties with the exception of CUP, voted in favour of approving the project, something that shows the cross-party support that Espai Barça has. 

What will the impact be on the environment? Noise, traffic? Parking? 

The environmental impact will comply with current standards. The Espai Barça project is working with the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) to guarantee the fulfilment of KPIs to certify Campus Barça. 

Will the work have an impact on home games? Has it been decided to play away from Camp Nou, at Montjuïc? Has another option been considered? 

At the moment no decision has been taken. Going to Montjuïc is a real possibility with regards to the carrying out of the project. A temporary move from Camp Nou to Montjuïc, or staying at Camp Nou with a reduced capacity, would benefit the development of the project in several ways. 

What will happen when the new stadium is opened? Will season ticket prices go up?

In the event of relocation within Camp Nou once it is finished, the Club will take into account relocation requests from those who want to be closer to family and friends. Nevertheless, any change of seat will be confirmed when the distribution of permanent seats is established before the return to the new stadium. 

What is the referendum on, precisely?

Authorisation for the Board of Directors to take the measures they deem necessary to obtain financing for the Espai Barça project for a figure not in excess of 1.5 billion euros. 

How can we make this financial investment in the current economic climate?

The investment in Espai Barça is financed from the additional income that the new facilities will generate, some 200 million euros annually, of which one third will be used to finance the credit and the other two thirds will be for the Club. 

How do you explain the rise in costs?

The project was undervalued in terms of budget and time. With the arrival of the new Board of Directors, it was decided to revise and update the project budget. The real cost of the project approved by members in 2014 is out of date and undervalued and the only part of the project to be completed has been the Estadi Johan Cruyff, budgeted at 4 million euros but costing in the end 19 million euros. 

Why has the Board decided to have an electronic binding referendum?

Online voting is something that members have been pushing for in recent years and the Board has taken this into account to maximise participation. Members can vote from anywhere in the world and it makes travelling unnecessary at a time when it is problematic due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

What security measure are in place for members who vote? How can you stop another member voting with another's identity? How can you guarantee a secret ballot? 

The online voting process includes a series of authentication measures to prevent voter fraud and maintain the secrecy of the ballot. Three authentication steps are required using Member key, PIN, date of birth and finally a six digit code sent by SMS. 

How can I find my personal code (PIN) if I can't find it?

There are three ways: via the website (https://www.fcbarcelona.cat/ca/socis/tramits-i-gestions), in person at the OAB or by telephoning 900 1899 00.

What happens if the Club does not have my updated mobile number? 

Voting would not be possible as the 6 digit code must be sent by SMS. 

Are there alternatives for older members?

No, the only way to vote on the day of the referendum is online. Nevertheless, the Club will provide a space at their facilities in the 1899 Auditori (and/or other additional areas) for those members who may have problems with electronic voting, or do not have such a device as to be able to carry out an electronic vote. Devices will be available so members can exercise their right to vote electronically at the Club's facilities. On the day of the referendum there will a telephone service available for any queries or questions. 

Can you vote from anywhere in the world?

Yes, if you are a member and your details are updated then you can vote from anywhere in the world. It is important to remember that the Referendum will take place on 19 December between 9am and 8pm CET (Central European Time), therefore members need to take into consideration any possible time differences. 

What is the voting protocol to follow? Is there a prior step that needs to be taken?

In order exercise their right to vote, the following conditions must be met: to be of the age of majority and to have been a member for at least a year. Also to be updated about the project and to be able to vote it is crucial for members to update their details, above all those necessary for voting online: e-mail, member key, personal code (PIN), date of birth and mobile telephone. 

How can we verify and update details?

On 26 November the Social Area will start a campaign to collect and update details, which has to be done before 7 December, when the census closes. Only those members who have their details correctly updated can be informed of the development of the project and exercise their right to vote on the day of the referendum. 

Will this method of voting allow us to know the result immediately?

Yes. Once voting is finished the Referendum Board will have the count of the online voting. The counting of votes is done by the platform itself and the results will be available shortly after voting ends, as soon as the platform end its counting process. 

How is transparency guaranteed in the vote?

Before voting begins, five custodians will be chosen, in the case of FC Barcelona, they will be members of the referendum board (a draw will take place amongst eligible members). They will have secret digits to form part of a code and also a notary will be available. 

How is voting counted?

At 9pm CET, once voting is over, the platform itself will count the votes and to access the results the custodians will have to enter their fragment of the code. 

Can we know who voted?

No. It is important for voting to be anonymous.

How can you guarantee anonymity for members who vote?

The Electronic Vote System by Internet has a mechanism to remove the link between votes and voters: 

  • The mechanism begins when voting has ended. The result of this will be used in the count and the verification of votes. 
  • The provider has a mechanism that allows stored votes to be verified and then separated from their digital signatures. 
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