Updating personal details

Updating personal details

With the referendum on the subject of financing the Espai Barça project taking place via an online vote (Sunday 19 December) it is vital for each member to update the personal information they provide for the Club. 

So that members can exercise their right to vote remotely, they will have to use their personal information to verify their identity as a member with the right to vote in order to cast their vote. For that reason, t is vitally important that the Club has access to each member’s mobile phone number.  

It is crucial that the information available to the Club is the same that is used by each member in order to guarantee the success and security of the voting process.  

For this season, it is necessary for the members to revise their personal information, in order to avoid problems when it comes to casting their vote.  

The personal information that need to be updated in order to take part in the referendum is the following: 

  • Key (available on member’s card)  
  • Personal code/PIN 
  • Mobile phone number  
  • E-mail address  
  • Date of birth  

Revision and updating of information  

The information that can be accessed or modified, if necessary, in three separate ways: 

  • Online via the Club’s website (access with Key and Personal Code) - recommended  
  • In person at the OAB – access point 15 at Camp Nou 

  • Via telephone: 900 1899 00 
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