Electronic voting

Electronic voting

The Board of Directors have decided that the Referendum on the Financing of the Espai Barça is to take place electronically to encourage participation and to allow members to vote from anywhere in the world. The vote will take place on Sunday 19 December from 9am CET until 9pm CET. 

First electronic vote in the Club's history

It will be the first time in the 122 years of FC Barcelona history that the Club carries out a vote by electronic means. 

Voting will be carried out via the www.fcbarcelona.com website via any device (mobile, tablet or computer) without the need to travel to Camp Nou. 

Nevertheless, The Club will provide a space at their facilities in the 1899 Auditori for those members who may have problems with electronic voting, or do not have such a device as to be able to carry out an electronic vote. Devices will be available so members can exercise their right to vote electronically at the Club's facilities. 

What do you have to do to vote? 

To be informed about the project and to be able to vote electronically on the day of the referendum, members have to verify and/or update the following personal information: 

  • Key (available on member’s card)  
  • Personal code/PIN 
  • Mobile phone number  
  • E-mail address  
  • Date of birth  

If the Club does not have a member's updated details, it will not be possible to receive the necessary information to take part in the referendum. For that reason it is vital to review personal information and update if necessary, and to remember the day of the referendum. 

Revision and updating of information  

The information that can be accessed or modified, if necessary, in three separate ways: 

  • Online via the Club’s website (access with Key and Personal Code) - recommended  
  • In person at the OAB – access point 15 at Camp Nou 

  • Via telephone: 900 1899 00 

How to vote on 19 December?  

The majority of members have to opt for the general method and enter the electronic voting platform set up on the Club's website from any type of device. 

Then, there will three steps to authenticate personal information: 

o   Member key
o   Personal code (PIN)
o   Date of birth

· A six digit figure will be sent via SMS to the member's mobile phone. 

· The six digit number will have to be introduced. Then a screen will appear with three voting options (YES, NO, BLANK) 

· Once the vote has been cast, a confirmation slip can be downloaded or a check made to see if the vote has been counted correctly. 

Assisted method 

Those who are unfamiliar with the electronic voting system or do not have the device necessary can come to the Auditori 1899 where identification and assisted electronic voting points will be set up. 

· At the identification point, ID check is carried out with DNI and a code is given out. 

· Then, the member proceeds to the voting point where the code is requested to confirmed their identity and that is when they can vote. 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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