Call for consultation and Calendar

Call for consultation and Calendar


TIME: 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M.


Pursuant to the provisions of Article 13 of the Statutes of the Club, the Board of Directors, in a meeting held on 26 November 2021, and by virtue of the initiative and authorisation approved by the Assembly of Club Members on 23 October, has agreed to convene the club members to hold a binding consultation on the funding of Espai Barça to be held on 19 December 2021.

This consultation shall comply with the following standards:

1st.- The following are conditions for exercising the right to vote:

a) Being of legal age and not being legally incapacitated.

b) Having a minimum seniority of one year as a member

c) Not having club member status suspended.

d) Being included in the current electoral census in accordance with Article 47 of the Club’s Statutes.

These requirements must be met on the voting day.

2nd.- To ensure the transparency of the process, a Consultation Board shall be constituted that shall be made up of five club members who appear in the census and who shall be appointed by a drawing to be held at the Club's registered address on Monday, 29 November at 10:00 a.m. The drawing shall be carried out by means of the computerised procedure regulated in Article 26.5 of the Statutes, and five members and twenty-five alternates shall be chosen. The office of member of the Consultation Board is compulsory, honourary and free of charge.

3rd.- The Consultation Board shall be constituted on 1 December at 7:00 p.m.

4th.- The Consultation Board must meet as many times as necessary to carry out its tasks. The Chairman of the Consultation Board shall be the longest-serving club member, and the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Club shall act as Secretary, with speaking but without voting privileges, and shall take Minutes of all meetings and record the agreements reached.

The Minutes shall be signed by the Secretary, with the approval of the Chairman. Notice of meetings of the Consultation Board shall be carried out by the Secretary.

Meetings of the Consultation Board are deemed to be validly constituted if at least three of the five members are present. Resolutions must be adopted by a majority of those present and, in case of a tie, the Chairman’s vote is decisory. The office of the members ombudsman may assist the Consultation Board in the exercise of its tasks and has the right to attend its meetings, with speaking but without voting privileges.

5th.- Tasks of the Consultation Board

a) Know and resolve the claims submitted by club members with respect to the census.

b) Interpret these regulations and the applicable standards.

c) Know and resolve the incidents and claims presented by the club members.

d) Appoint the auditors on the voting day.

e) Preside over and control the act of voting in order to facilitate the exercise of the right to vote and ensure maximum transparency of the process.

f) Appoint the Club employees and third parties who attend the voting process throughout the entire consultation day and subsequent scrutiny.

g) Arrange for the commencement of the counting of the votes.

h) Promptly address any incidents, queries or complaints arising on the voting day.

i) Draw up the voting record and publish the voting results.

6th.- From 3 to 7 December, both inclusive, club members can consult the electoral census through the website In addition, a consultation can also be made in person at the FC Barcelona Supporter Services Office on business days, Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Claims of omissions or undue inclusions, or rectification of errors, must be requested by means of a written request, which must be submitted through the web form provided for this purpose, and must be addressed to the Consultation Board before 9:00 p.m. on 7 December. The Consultation Board will resolve any complaints submitted and the final electoral roll will be approved on 10 December.

7th.- From 27 November until the day of the consultation, the information campaign referred to in Article 13 b) point one of the Statutes of the club, shall be carried out and appropriate information, promotion or communication events shall be held to inform the club members of the proposal submitted for consultation.

8th.- On Sunday, 19 December, voting will take place online from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Voting must be in the affirmative, negative or blank to the question:


9th.- Voting will be online and can be carried out through the website FC BARCELONA will set up a space in the Club's premises, specifically in the Auditori 1899, for club members who have difficulties in voting online or who do not have a suitable device for this purpose, where devices will be installed so that club members can exercise their right to vote electronically on the Club's premises. Additionally, Information Points will be installed to resolve incidents or clarify doubts.

10th.- Online voting will be carried out as follows:

In order to exercise their right to vote, club members must be registered in the electoral census.

Club members must enter the Club website or in its different language versions (catalan or spanish) and must identify themselves with their club member code, their personal code (pin) and their date of birth. Once identified, club members will receive an SMS with a unique code on their mobile phone, which will give them access to exercise their right to vote.

In the case that club members travel to the Club's premises to exercise their right to vote, it shall be necessary for them to prove their identity by showing their identity card or equivalent; foreigners must present a valid passport or driver’s licence. Once identified, the voting procedure shall be online under the same security conditions as if the voting were to be carried out from any other private device outside the Club's premises.

The Consultation Board shall preside over and control the voting, assisted by the office of the members ombudsman. In order to submit claims to the Consultation Board on the day of the voting, the partners must send a letter to it, by emailing

11th.- Once the voting time is over, the Consultation Board shall order the start of the scrutiny of the telematic vote.

12th.- The proposal shall be deemed adopted if the number of affirmative votes exceeds the number of negative votes, regardless of the total number of votes cast. The Consultation Board shall report the result of the scrutiny and shall issue a record of the number of votes cast for, against and blank.

Through the day, a notary will be in attendance to validate the procedure and draw up a record of the result

13th.- The Articles of Section 4 of Chapter 4 of the Statutes shall apply in addition to these Regulations.

14th.- The information campaign to be carried out in the days prior to voting will have adequate and necessary content to make the decision on the funding of which the ratification of the authorisation is sought, which was approved by the Assembly on the basis of the documentation and information provided to the club members on that date. Any other information or documentation that the Club may confirm during this period shall also be added.

For the purposes of this ratification:

  • Financing will be understood as any transaction that (i) allows the obtaining of funding to carry out the Espai Barça Project; and (ii) can be guaranteed with the income from the operation of Camp Nou, the Palau and the Espai Barça Campus, or to be paid with the assignment of this income in the amount necessary to return the funding and its costs.
  • The Espai Barça Project shall mean all or any remodelling project of Camp Nou, the construction of a new multipurpose Palau (the Palau) and the construction of the Espai Barça Campus (areas around the new spaces).

This funding must NOT involve:

  • Any mandatory expense for club members.
  • Any increase in the Club’s ordinary expenses.
  • Jeopardising the Club's assets.

This is hereby communicated for the knowledge of all club members of Futbol Club Barcelona.

Barcelona, 27 November, 2021

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Força Barça
Força Barça

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