Venue of big events

Venue of big events

Over its fifty years, the Palau Blaugrana has hosted all kinds of sporting, cultural and institutional events

Over its fifty years, the Palau Blaugrana has hosted all kinds of sporting, cultural and institutional events:


24 March. European Super-welterweight boxing match between José Hernández and Jacques Kechichian.

26-28 April. Friendly international basketball tournament between FC Barcelona and the national teams of Spain, Yugoslavia and Brazil.

20-23 June. Harlem Globetrotters basketball performances.

28 November to 4 December. Tennis Masters Cup (now ATP Tour World Finals), featuring figures such as Manuel Orantes, Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, Jan Kodes and Stan Smith.


20 and 21 September. Performances by the Chilean musical band Quilapayún to express their rejection of the General Augusto Pinochet dictatorship.


17-23 February. WCT tennis tournament, with figures such as Björn Borg, Arthur Ashe, Tom Okker and Manuel Orantes.

29 April. “Volem viure!”. Civic and cultural event against war and injustice in the world organized by the Federation of Associations of Family Parents and the Parents Group for the Defense of Human Rights, attended by more than 13,000 children.

25-28 June. Harlem Globetrotters basketball performances.


2-7 February. WCT tennis tournament, with figures such as Manuel Santana, Manuel Orantes, Cliff Drysdale and Stan Smith.

22 and 23 May. First European Taekwondo Championship

22 June. The first democratic political rally since 1939. The PSC (Congress) gathered ten thousand people.


22-25 June. Harlem Globetrotters basketball performances.


25 July - 6 August. Holiday on Ice show.


6 February - 3 March. Men's Handball World Cup B.

17-24 November. European Roller Hockey Championship, won by Spain.


19 March. Final of basketball’s Korac Cup, won by Joventut Badalona against Carrera Venice.

3-5 April. Los Legendarios Tennis Exhibition Tournament, featuring Rod Laver, Tony Roche, Roy Emerson, Andrés Gimeno and Manuel Santana, among others.


29 November - 1 December. Europe vs. America Tennis Exhibition Tournament.


23-29 June. Basketball Clubs World Cup. In the final, FC Barcelona defeated CA Monte Líbano of Sao Paulo.

11-21 July. Fencing World Championship.

17-19 December. Finals of the Basketball Copa del Rey.


11 March. Final of theWomen's Basketball Ronchetti Cup between Dinamo Novosibirsk of the USSR and BSE Budapest of Hungary.

8 June. Final of the Handball Copa del Rey between FC Barcelona and CB Tecnisan of Alicante.


10 -11 April. Final Four of the European Women's Basketball Cup, won by Conad-Unicar Cesena.

25-28 July. World Judo Championship.


Barcelona Olympic Games. The Palau Blaugrana hosted the judo (July 27 - August 2) and taekwondo (August 3-5) competitions and the roller hockey final, held on August 7 and in which Argentina beat Spain.



7-8 June. Final Four of the European Roller Hockey League, the final won by FC Barcelona against Porto.


3 May. Intercontinental Roller Hockey Cup, won by Barça against Unión Vecinal de Trinidad.

30 October - 1 November. European Handball Super Cup, with FC Barcelona beating Badel Zagreb.


11 January. Boxing Night: European featherweight (Óscar Sánchez vs. Santiago Rojas) and middleweight (Xavier Moyà vs. Javier Castillejo).

26 April. Boxing Night: European featherweight (Santiago Rojas vs. Frederic Bonifai) and middleweight (Javier Castillejo vs. Pierre Moreno) championship.


5 October. Spanish Women’s Basketball Super Cup between CBF Universitari de Barcelona and Perfumerías Avenida Baloncesto.


10-11 May. Final Four of the European Roller Hockey League, with Barça beating Reus Deportiu in the final.

27-28 December. Handball Asobal Cup, with Ademar León beating FC Barcelona in the final.


22 October. Tennis exhibition in honour of Andrés Gimeno.


21-22 December. Handball Asobal Cup, with FC Barcelona winning the final against BM Granollers.


3-4 May. Final Four of the European Roller Hockey League, with Barça beating Porto in the final.


10-14 July. World Roller Hockey Championship, won by Portugal, who beat Argentina in the final.


9-11 October. Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup, with FC Barcelona beating ElPozo Murcia in the final.

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Força Barça

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