Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common queries regarding the Delagate Assembly
  • Where is the Delegate Assembly being held?
    For the first time, the Assembly will take place in the Camp Nou

  • Who can attend the Delegate Assembly?
    The General Assembly is made up of the delegated members. These are all the Senators of the club, the members of the Board of Directors, the members of the club's statutory committees, former presidents, the presidents of the territorial federations of supporters clubs (penyes) and a representation of 2.5% of the members chosen randomly from among those of legal age that have been members for more than five years.

  • What Covid-19 protection measures will be taken?
    There will be independent entrances and exits, to avoid queues, mandatory use of an FFP2 mask, temperature control, distance between attendees, time slots for entry, constant cleaning and disinfection, Covid agents to ensure compliance with measures, and more.

  • Can the Camp Nou be accessed with a vehicle?
    Yes. There will be a parking area with limited capacity.  

  • Will there be a 'T'Acompanyem' service during the day?
    Yes. On the day of the assembly, the 'T'Acompanyem' service will be available, in which Red Cross volunteers will help members with mobility problems.

  • I am a wheelchair user. Will my seat be accessible?
    There will be accessible and adapted seats for anyone with mobility difficulties.

  • Can I register for a time slot other than the one that I have been assigned?
    The provided time slots are recommended, not mandatory.

  • Can I come with a child?
    No, children may not attend the Assembly.

  • Can I come with a companion?
    People who need the assistance of another person will have to send an email to requesting a seat for this companion, who in no case may be in the same area, since this companion is not a delegate. This companion must be of legal age.
    Due to the current health situation, there will be more Red Cross staff to help people with mobility problems.
  • Will I be able to sit in any seat I like during the Assembly?
    No, each member has their assigned seat and this is where they will have to sit during the Assembly. Due to the current health situation, in this type of event all seats have to be assigned for purposes of traceability in the case of a positive case.

  • Will there be refreshments?
    No, due to the current health situation, you may not eat during the Assembly. Water will be provided.


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