More than 1,900 people will participate in the election day

More than 1,900 people will participate in the election day

The club has addressed the organisation of the presidential elections on March 7 with the priority of protecting the health of people voting and encouraging participation

The elections for the Presidency and the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona next Sunday, March 7, will mobilise a total of 1,986 people throughout the election day. They include staff of the club, the inspectors, the collaborators who will ensure the anti-Covid-19 protection and the staff who will manage the security, the accesses and the queues during the day. 

The club, faithful to its democratic tradition and with the aim of guaranteeing the exercise of the full right of members to vote and decide the future of the Institution, has addressed the organisation of these elections from the standpoint of prioritising the health and protection of persons in the act of voting, avoiding exclusion or discrimination on grounds of age or health, encouraging the participation of the member and facilitating in the best possible way the right of all of them to be able to vote and make the organisation of voting easy, transparent and accessible to all.

Thus, the club's staff will form the majority of the electoral boards (presidents, members and coordinators) both at the headquarters of the FC Barcelona Campus, at the Camp Nou and the Palau Blaugrana and at the electoral headquarters. All of them must go through the Covid-19 safety measures established in agreement with the health authority, which include, among others, a test 24 hours before the day, protective equipment, points of ventilated outdoor voting and two work shifts, morning and afternoon. All staff working on Sunday will receive training through telematic sessions in which they will receive all the instructions to carry out the roles and tasks assigned properly, since due to the restrictions of the pandemic, the drill will not be held at the headquarters the day before as has always been usual in the run-up to an election day.

Candidate members and auditors also form a significant bulk of participants on election day. Each candidate will have a module located on the side of the South Goal throughout the day. The maximum capacity of each module is 30 people and, given the Covid-19 measurements, this number cannot be exceeded in any case within the interior space. All accredited persons must sign the certificate of self-responsibility. The club will also make the antigen test available to candidates. Anyone who has not passed it will not be able to access the closed spaces for candidacies or polling stations.

As for the auditors, each candidate may have up to 42 authorised, in double shifts in the morning and afternoon (30 at the Camp Nou, 3 at the Palau Blaugrana, 3 in the Sala Roma where the voting tables by mail will be and 1 auditor at each headquarters, except in Girona, where there will be two auditors). All auditors must be members, and may not be seated at polling stations.

Protection measures at polling stations

Cleaning and intense disinfection will be a constant throughout the day and there will be COVID agents who will ensure compliance with the protocols that must ensure the safety and protection of all members and staff who will participate in the electoral operation. Polling stations have a length that allows a minimum safety distance of 1.5 metres between the president and the member. The polling stations are large and airy, and will have the approval of the Department of Protection and Risks of FC Barcelona. Members will only be able to vote one at a time, consecutively and maintaining the safe distance between the delimited voting area in front of the table and the queue outside.

In terms of mobility, the logistics of the election day have been designed to minimise mobility and social interactions. All indoor activity points have specific regulations that must comply with all measures. The Les Corts site can be accessed on foot or by private vehicle. Each access has an adequate number of lanes to ensure the correct safety distance between pedestrians.

The club has made four parking areas with a total of 1,700 spaces available to members, and it will be possible to park inside the premises as long as there are free spaces.

Care services

With regard to care services, the club has a telephone number (900 1899 00) from which a specialised team will provide a service to the OAB to resolve incidents. The Office of Specialised Care (OAE) will also have a personalised care service for people with reduced mobility or health conditions that require personalised care and help. There will be four information and attention points located on the Boulevard, Tribuna, Gol Nord and Gol Sud. The T’Acompanyem de la Creu Roja service will also provide support and accompaniment to all members who require it.

Sanitary device

The club has also provided a medical area with permanent medical assistance to respond to any contingency that may arise. There will be three medical teams, three ambulances, a Red Cross checkpoint, the T’Acompanyem service, an open dispensary at the Camp Nou and an open dispensary at the Palau. In the event that someone is ill, the health services are the only ones who will have the final power to check the condition of the person affected, assess and decide.

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