Six polling stations to guarantee safety on election day

Six polling stations to guarantee safety on election day

For the first time, FC Barcelona elections will be held in six different polling stations in Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Tortosa and Andorra

Decentralisation is one of the unique novelties, together with the postal vote, of the elections for the Presidency and the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona that are held this coming Sunday, March 7. For the first time in the club's history, the elections will not be held in a single location, but rather the members with the right to vote have been distributed among six different easily accessible venues, located in the cities of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Tortosa and Andorra. Each member is assigned to one of these venues and can only cast their vote there.

The reason is to prioritise the health and protection of people when voting in person, avoid long trips and encourage participation. Thus, the elections will not only have a polling station in the registered office of the institution, as has been the case up until now.

Logically, the city of Barcelona has the highest number of members eligible to vote in person, with 87,479. A total of 78,987 voters are assigned to the FC Barcelona Campus polling station for the entire census of Barcelona, the rest of Spain and the rest of the world, which will be distributed among the 111 tables located between the Camp Nou and the Palau Blaugrana. The Electoral Board and the members' trustee will also be located in person here, with permanent contact with each and every one of the headquarters.

Therefore, two sports pavilions and two territorial premises of the Catalan Football Federation and the Palau de Congressos d’Andorra will also hold the elections.

Barcelona: FC Barcelona Campus

(Camp Nou iandPalau Blaugrana)

The Camp Nou and the Palau Blaugrana make up the two polling stations at the largest venue in this election. A total of 78,987 voters are assigned to the 111 tables that will be distributed amongst different gates at the Camp Nou (101) and Palau Blaugrana (10). In addition, two special tables will be located at the OAB offices for incidents and for those members with reduced mobility.

Girona: Pavelló Municipal de Fontajau

(Avinguda President Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 22-24)

The Pavelló Municipal de Fontajau will have 5 voting tables for the 3,707 assigned members. It is a large space with access to the street, with ample parking facilities.

Lleida: Delegació de la Federació Catalana de Futbol 

(Carrer Riu Besòs, 8)

The headquarters of the Catalan Federation in Lleida will have two tables for 1,264 voters.

Tarragona: Poliesportiu Camp Clar

(Carrer Riu Siurana, s/n)

This sports centre will hold 3 tables for the 2,200 voters in the Tarragona region.

Tortosa: Seu de la Federació Catalana de Futbol 

(Carrer Adrià d’Utrecht, 5, baixos)

Tortosa will be the only location to have just one table, for the 616 voters assigned to it.

Andorra la Vella: Palau de Congressos

(Plaça del Poble, s/n)

A total of 705 members are assigned to the 2 tables in the Palau de Congressos in Andorra



·   Tables 1 to 101 Seu Camp Nou (101 tables)
·   Tables 101 to 111         Seu Palau Blaugrana (10 tables)
·   Tables 112 to 113         OAB (2 tables)


·   Tables 114 to 143         Vot Sala Roma (30 tables)


·   Tables 144 to 148        Seu Girona  (5 tables)
·   Tables 149 to 151        Seu Tarragona (3 tables)
·   Tables 152 to 153        Seu Lleida (2 tables)
·   Tables 154 to 155        Seu Andorra (2 tables)
·   Table 156                   Seu Tortosa (1 tables)

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