More than 87,000 members are called to vote in person on March 7

More than 87,000 members are called to vote in person on March 7

The club has sent all the personal information by email, in order for members to be able to vote at a the recommended time slot and at one of the six polling stations, details of which can also be found on the club's website.

A total of 87,479 members have been called to vote in the elections for the presidency and Board of Directors of FC Barcelona next Sunday, March 7. This is the figure from the face-to-face electoral census, in the six venues that will host the elections, which is formed once the entire process of voting by mail and the request for a change of voting location have been completed.

Barça's electoral roll for these elections is made up of 110,290 members with the right to vote, of which 22,811 asked to vote by post and for this reason they can no longer vote in person next Sunday.

These 87,479 members (79.3% of the electoral roll) are those who, once the deadline for requesting a change of venue has ended, have been definitively distributed among the six venues located in the cities of Barcelona (Camp Nou and Palau Blaugrana ), Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Tortosa and Andorra. FC Barcelona's headquarters is where the majority of the voters who will be able to vote in person are concentrated; a total of 78,987 members (89% of the in-person census) in the two polling stations at the Camp Nou (101) and the Palau Blaugrana (10 months). These are followed by Girona (3,707 members, 5% of the on-site census in 5 months), Tarragona (2,200 in 3 months), Lleida (1,264 in 2 months), Andorra (705 members in 2 months) and Tortosa (616 members in 1 Electoral table).

Information with the data to vote

This Monday, all these 87,479 members with the right to vote and who did not request to vote by mail, have received an email with all the personal information necessary to be able to vote in one of the six established venues. The data can also be consulted from March 1 on the club website, in Online Procedures, with access gained by using the password and personal code.

Recommended location and time slots

This information, personalised for each member, includes the address where you will have to vote, details of the electoral college and the number and location of the table where you will have to cast your vote, in addition to the recommended voting time slot to favour the distribution of people throughout an electoral day that will begin at 9.00am CET and will close at 9.00pm.

Access only to members

In the case of FC Barcelona members who vote at the Camp Nou or Palau Blaugrana, the information also includes the appropriate access points for their table, whether they are accessed on foot or by vehicle.

To avoid an excessive presence of people in the facilities, only the member who has to vote may enter the premises. If it is essential to come with a companion, this must also be a member.

‘T’Acompanyem’ service

For people with reduced mobility, the 'T'Acompanyem' service will be enabled throughout election day, and will be in charge of transferring members to their corresponding tables whenever feasible, or at the OAB offices, where there will be a special table for those members with mobility difficulties.

Documentation needed to vote

Documentation to access the facility: The facility can only be accessed, both on foot and by vehicle, with the membership card for the year 2020 or 2021. Access to anyone who is not a member of FC Barcelona will not be allowed.

Documentation to be able to vote: In order to vote, it will be essential to carry your ID, driver's licence or, in the case of foreigners, a passport. The membership card is not used to vote.

· DNIs expired as of March 14, 2020 are valid until March 13, 2021. But this extension is not valid for DNIs with the date of birth after March 14, 2002, therefore, they must be in force.

· The driver's licence and passport must be valid, and those with the expired date will not be valid.

Anti Covid-19 measures

The elections to the Presidency of FC Barcelona will be held following strict protocols to guarantee the safety and protection of all the members and the staff that will participate in the electoral operations. All the measures adopted have been validated. The communication that the club has sent to all members who will be able to vote also includes the Covid-19 protocols that must be complied with. The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the premises, safety distances must be respected and the instructions of the club staff must be followed. You will not be able to circulate freely around the premises and therefore you will only be able to access the premises to vote. You cannot stay longer than necessary.

Members can also download the proof that FC Barcelona offers to those who need to travel to vote, so that the exercise of the vote in person can be done in an accredited manner and, together with the membership card, sufficiently identified. The club warns that the mobility, self-responsibility regime and the possible limitations that may apply in the territory on March 7 will depend at all times on the provisions adopted by the Generalitat and the health authorities.

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