Information for voting in person for Sunday 7 March

Information for voting in person for Sunday 7 March

Only members will have access to the voting areas and they will need to bring member's card as well as DNI, passport or driving licence

FC Barcelona with the right to vote in the elections on 7 Match and who have not requested postal votes will receive an e-mail with all the necessary information regarding how to vote at one of the six designated polling stations for the elections. This information can also be consulted from 1 March on the Club's website via online support, using Key and Personal Code for access. 

Locations and recommended time slots

The information is personalised for each member and includes info on where it is necessary to vote, the address of the voting station and the location of the voting table where they can vote as well as a recommended time slot to ease congestion during voting day which will start at 9.00am CET and end at 9.00pm CET. 

Access only for members

For members who are voting at Camp Nou or the Palau Blaugrana, the information also includes the correct access points for members to make their way to their voting table, either on foot or by vehicle. 

In order to avoid excessive numbers of people at the venue, only members will be allowed in to vote. If they need to be accompanied then the person accompanying must also be a member. 

Service,  ‘T’Acompanyem’

For people with reduced mobility the service t’Acompanyem has been set up to help guide members to the corresponding voting tables if possible, or direct them t o the OAB where there is a special voting table for members with reduced mobility. 

Necessary documentation 

Documentation access voting venue:

Access to the facilities, on foot or by vehicle, is only available by showing a member's card from 2020 or 2021. Non-FC Barcelona members will not be given access to the facilties. 

Documentation to vote:

To vote members must bring their DNI, driving licence or passport in the case of non-Spanish members. You cannot vote with your members' card. 

  • Until 13 March 2021, DNIs expired form 14 March 2020 remain valid. This, however, is not the case for DNIs with a date of birth later than 14 March 2002; there must be up to date. 

  • Driving licences and passports must be up to date and will not be valid if expired. 

Travel justification document 

FC Barcelona will also offer a document to certify that each person who is voting is a member and that they may need to travel to reach their designated voting station. 

The Club does certify or permit journeys around the territory, it certifies that the person is member and that their assigned voting station is located in a certain territory. 

This document can be downloaded at the following link. 

Covid-19 security measures

All members who go to vote on Sunday will have bear in mind a series of measure that have to be followed to guarantee the security and safety of all those voting and the election staff. 

  • Obligatory use of mask. 
  • Disinfection of hands to access facilities.  
  • Maintenance of social distancing rules and following indications from Club staff.
  • Use the independent access and exit points and avoid queues. 
  • Take notice of the Covid signposting; rules, paths, turns, access limits, capacity and security distance. 
  • Eating will not be allowed in the facilities.
  • Access to the facilities only for voting. Do not spend any more time than is necessary at the voting station. 
  • Covid Agents in the area to help with information and to help fulfil security measures.
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