Real Madrid 73–88 Barça: Copa del Rey champions!

Real Madrid 73–88 Barça: Copa del Rey champions!

The Catalans win the final with ease and are proclaimed champions for the 26th time in their history

Barça were superior at all times against Los Blancos and after playing a spectacular first half, this was reflected in the score, both Mirotic and Smith helping their team to finish the first quarter nine points ahead (11-20).

Higgins, Smits and Davies in were on fire in attack and, combined with a magnificent defence, Barça opened up the gap furtuer. An incredible period for Saras' side saw them score 27 points to Real's nine, ensuring that Barça went in at the break up by a convincing 31-52.

No let up

A good 9-0 run of baskets for Los Blancos gave them hope in the third quarter, but Abrines was unstoppable from the triple line. More good work from Smits and Higgins kept the opponents at arms length as they went into the final 10 minutes (50-69).

Despite the Madrid players' attempts to get back into the game late on, Barça wouldn't give an inch. Another standout performance from Calathes also helped the Catalans to end the final some 15 points ahead (73-88). A fully deserved Copa del Rey title, and champions for a 26th time

Match Details

Real Madrid, 73
Barça, 88

Real Madrid: Llull (8), Causeur (5), Abalde (15), Deck (9), Thompkins (8) –starters-. Alocen (9), Garuba (-), Tavares (17),  Tyus (-), Laprovittola (-), Reyes (2), Carroll (-).
Barça: Calathes (12), Higgins (20), Hanga (3), Mirotic (12), Pustovyi (2) –starters-. Oriola (2), Abrines (8), Kuric (6), Davies (10), Westermann (-), Bolmaro (-), Smits (13), 
Periods: 11-20 / 31-52 / 50-69 / 73-88
Officials: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Carlos Peruga, Antonio Conde.


Força Barça
Força Barça

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