Members begin voting by mail this Monday, February 15

Members begin voting by mail this Monday, February 15

Postal agents will deliver the documentation to the 22,811 members who requested it and they will be able to deliver the vote at their local post office or send it from their home until February 26

FC Barcelona and the postal service are ready to deliver all the necessary documents from this Monday, February 15, to the 22,811 members who made the request to vote by mail, in order for them to be able to exercise their right through this modality which, for the first time, is used in elections to the Presidency and to the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona.

With these documents, the members who have chosen the general option may go to any Post Office to cast their vote, while those who have opted for the domicile option must hand it back, at the same time of receipt, to the Post Office agent who delivered the documentation.

The deadline for voting by mail will end on Friday, February 26, and all members who have opted for this type of voting will no longer be able to vote in person on March 7, even if for any reason they have not cast their vote by mail.

The documentation that will be received at the address includes an instruction sheet in which the different steps to be followed to cast the vote will be set out, as well as the ballots of the candidates and the blank vote that correspond to the general or domiciliary option. In addition to a voting certificate essential for the vote to be valid, there are envelopes to be used (an envelope for the ballot and a return envelope for the ballot to be put inside).


When will the member begin to receive the documentation at home? 

• As of next Monday, February 15, the members who have requested to cast their vote by mail will receive the certified documentation at the address indicated in the application, via a Post Office agent. 

How long will they have to vote? 

• The last day to take the vote to the Post Office or hand to the Post Office agent who delivered it is February 26. 

What documents are required in order for the member to receive the voting documentation? 

•    It is very important that the member has their DNI or official identification document prepared, since the voting documentation will not be delivered to anyone other than the owner of the request. 

What happens if the member is not at home at that time? 

•    If the member is not located at home after two attempts, the Post Office agent will leave a paper notice, which can also be communicated by SMS or email, and will deposit the electoral documentation at the member's closest Post Office. They can go to pick it up with their DNI or official identification document. Those who have chosen the domicile option will be obliged to cast the vote at the same time of collection at the Post Office.

Will the member know when the postal agent will come to deliver the documentation?

•    The postal service will send an SMS and / or email with a tracking code notifying of the imminent delivery of the electoral documentation to the address. Tracking can be done through the shipment locator located on the Correos website ( using this code.


•    Practical instruction sheet of the steps to follow to cast the vote, according to the option chosen by the member (general or domicile).
•    4 ballots, one for each candidate and one blank ballot, and the voting envelope.
•    Voting certificate issued by FC Barcelona and certifying that the member meets the conditions for voting by mail and that their request has been correctly registered on the form. 
•    Return envelope. 


  • You must have your DNI or official identification document with you in order to receive the certified documentation from the Post Office agent who takes it to your home. 
  • Place the ballot with the name of the chosen candidate or the blank vote in the voting envelope. 
  • Put the vote-by-mail certificate and the voting envelope with the form you have selected inside in the return envelope. 
  • Close the return envelope.
  • Delivery of the return envelope:- General option: at any Post Office. Remember that in the event that the documentation could not be delivered by the postal agent at home, the member can only go to collect the documentation at the Post Office nearest to him/her. Address option: to the same Post Office agent who has delivered the documentation, and at the same time as it is delivered.


  • In the general modality, once the vote has been cast at the Post Office, the member will receive a proof of admission via email containing the code for sending their vote. He will also be able to track the shipment with his vote through the shipment locator located on the Correos website using this new code.
  • In the home voting modality, Correos will necessarily carry the envelope with the vote at the time of delivery of the electoral documentation and will send FC Barcelona a certificate of delivery of the shipment associated with the collection at the same time. In this case, the member can also track the shipment with his vote through the shipment locator located on the Correos website. You can check the shipping code associated with your electoral documentation and select the option ''Associated shipping.'' This will show the information of the return shipment containing your vote.


All voting envelopes issued by mail will be collected by the postal service, who will deliver them all together on Friday, March 5, at the Camp Nou facilities, before a notary who will attest to the delivery, and which will then be kept under a notarial seal and guarded by a Security agent. The scrutiny of the votes cast by mail will take place on March 7 at the headquarters of the FC Barcelona Campus.


The members of FC Barcelona who have requested the vote by mail, both from Catalonia and the rest of Spain and Andorra, can deliver their vote at any office as the club process in this regard will use all of the 2,393 offices in the postal network. The postal service has 53,041 average personnel, 1,810 delivery units, 97 special service units and 18 Automated Treatment Centers. In the case of these elections, unlike the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia this Sunday, it will not be necessary to apply exceptional measures such as extension of hours or hiring of additional resources for the campaign, since the volume of operations is perfectly manageable by the usual postal network. The forecast of the postal service company is to make the first delivery of the documentation to the members within 48 hours.

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