Can someone else come with me to vote?
No. Owing to the current health situation and following the recommendations from Procicat, the only members who can be accompanied are those who have mobility issues and need the assistance of another person. 

Can I vote by post or online? 
No. Voting can only take place in person at the stations designated. 

Where do I have to vote?
Consult here your polling station.

Can I vote at another polling station other than the one assigned? 
No. The polling station is assigned according to address. If you change your address before 14 January your pollint station may also be changed. 

I have moved to another province by I have been assigned Camp Nou as my polling stations because I have not told the Club about my change of address. Can I change my polling station? 
Until 14 January you can update your address and if that change brings about a change of polling station, it will be updated once the address has been processed. 

How can I change my address to change my polling station? 
You can change your address right here

What documentation do I need to be able to vote? 
DNI or an official document that proves the identity of the voter such as a driving licence or valid passport. For overseas members only a valid passport is needed. To access the voting area you will have to bring your valid members' card from 2020 or 2021. 

Can I use my driving licence? Passport?

I am my father's legal representative who's name is on his card. Can I vote for him? 
No. A vote can only be cast by the person named on the card. 

Do I have to bring my member's card? 
You have to bring your member's card from 2020 or 2021 to access the voting station. You can also access the facilities with the digital members' card available at the SOCIS APP. 

Can I access Camp Nou by vehicle? 
Yes. There will limited parking at the stadium. 

Will there be activities at Camp Nou as there usually are on voting day? 
No. Unfortunately, the current health situation does not allow such activities. 

Why have they not put voting stations in other areas or abroad? 
The criteria established has been one of geographical proximity and the volume of members on the census given that in each venue chosen outside Catalonia we find different health measures. For that reason, the venues chosen in Catalonia and the rest of Spain are the ones that the Club has made public. 

Can I vote with my DNI expired? 
No. However, remember that all DNIs that have expired after 14 March 2020, due to the health situation, have been extended until 13 March 2021. 

I had my DNI and driving licence stolen. Can I come to vote with a police report? 
No. Unfortunately you can only vote with an official and valid identity document. 

Where are the voting stations?
Barcelona (Camp Nou), Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Tortosa, Andorra, Valencia, Mallorca, Madrid and Seville. 

Will the 'T'Acompanyem' service be available on election day? 
Yes. Volunteers from the Red Cross will help those members with mobility problems reach the polling booth. 

I am a wheelchair use. How can I find out if my voting station has access? 
All the voting stations are accessible and adapted for all those people with mobility issues. 

I will be 18 on 20 January 2021. Will I be able to vote? 
Yes. Everyone who fulfills the criteria on voting day can exercise their right to vote. 

I have not yet been a member for a year but on the day of the elections I will reach 12 months. Can I vote? 
Yes. Age and length of time as a member are calculated from voting day so those members 18 or over or with 12 months as a member can exercise their right to vote. 

What is the timetable for voting? 
Members can vote between 9am and 9pm CET. Each member has a recommended time slot for voting. From 18 January the time slots for members can be consulted. 

At which booth do I have to vote? 
The information for polling stations and time slots can be accessed from 18 January. 

Can I change station more than once?
Yes, you can change as many times as you like until January 14. The last change will be the one that takes effect.

If I change address and this means a change of station, will this be reflected instantly?
Yes. But if you change the station on the form at any time, the one on the form shall prevail, as this is a specific request for a polling station.

I have changed stations with the form, but when I go to Online Procedures, the old one appears. Is that right?
Yes, changes of polling station made on the form do not appear in the viewable list until January 18, the date when the change becomes definitive and you can check the details of the location of your polling station.

If you still have any questions you can also consult the Club's statutes.

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