Koeman seeking style, success and smiles

Koeman seeking style, success and smiles

In an in-depth interview, the Dutch maestro speaks to BarçaTV+ about his days playing for the club and discusses his ideas now he is back as manager

In an extensive interview with BarçaTV+, the new FC Barcelona manager, Ronald Koeman, has spoken about his vision of football, and it is one that is very directly influenced by his mentor Johan Cruyff. The Dutchman knows that it’s not just about winning, but also winning in style, and also discusses such players as Leo Messi and Frenkie de Jong.

Here’s the pick of the comments from the hero of Wembley 1992:


Back in Barcelona

“Barcelona is like a home to me. When I have come back to the city before, there was something missing, because I wasn’t here to work at FC Barcelona. Now I am here as the coach and that makes me very happy.”

“The most important thing, whether you are a coach, player or employee at Barça, is knowing that you are the best club in the world. Nothing is better. We are all very lucky to be part of this club.”

Johan Cruyff influence

“Cruyff was one of the coaches who taught me the most, especially during our time with the Dream Team. I didn't only learn to be a better player but a better coach too.”

“We had the best combination. We played attacking football and won titles. That is always the philosophy we have pursued at Barça. We have to play good football that the fans will enjoy. But we have to win too, of course, that’s the most important thing.”

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Koeman the coach

“I’m a coach who likes his teams to be disciplined and well-organised team. I like to dominate games. The Dutch like attacking football.”

“I like to be direct and have good communication with my players. We hold short meetings but that make the message clear.”

“I think a good coach needs to enjoy football. We started playing football because we love this sport. And if you are doing everything with a smile on your face, so much the better.”

Frenkie de Jong

“He is a very young player. He has been performing very well until now. It isn’t easy for such a young player to come to Barça. He’s a player for the FC Barcelona of the future.”

Leo Messi

“It is a pleasure to have a player like Messi in the team. His qualities will help the team to develop.”
“We can’t be compared for our free kick taking because he has scored so many more than me. I was only at Barça for six seasons [laughs]. But it is important to have someone who is good at free kicks and corners in your team.”

The goal in 1992

“In the game against Sampdoria, I already knew where the ball was going to go before I hit it. And I had the feeling I was going to score.”

With the family

“My father had a big influence on my football. He was a very critical person. He gave us the chance to improve our football, and to be respectful of other people and of football too.”

“My family said I was the right kind of person to be a footballer. Football attracts a lot of attention, but you have to be a star on the field, not off it.”

I love spending time with the family. I am a very young grandfather and I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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