Araujo, Collado and Ansu agree: 'We miss competition'

Araujo, Collado and Ansu agree: 'We miss competition'

The three Barça B players participated in a fun video conference call on the FC Barcelona YouTube channel

They are friends, footballers and they're at home. This Friday afternoon, Ronald Araujo, Àlex Collado and Ansu Fati, three Barça B players, participated in a videoconference broadcast live on the FC Barcelona YouTube channel, in which they explained how they are experiencing confinement and life without football.

The three all noted that they're missing competitive football. "The most difficult thing is not being able to go out to go to train," they said, acknowledging that they've been distracting themselves thanks to video consoles, TV series and, of course, the training that they must continue doing from home. Below are a few statements from each of them.


"I'm alone at home, with my two dogs"

"We do our best, trying to follow a routine like we had before"

"This situation has made me think and value life more than before, as well as football. I miss it a lot"

"The trainers pass us the exercises and we do what they tell us. Sometimes I connect with friends so that I don't have to train alone"

"I also connect with them at night and we talk about things from the day"

"When I go for a walk with the dogs and I see the empty streets, it's very, very strange. I can't get used to only listening to the birds"

"I made a cake the other day ... but I forgot the eggs"

"The best item I have at home is the medal from when we won the UEFA Youth League"

"I recommend the movie 'Champions', it's very good"


"I am with my wife. We get along pretty well. We try to distract ourselves, do the work that the trainers ask us to do, watch movies ..."

"Going to train is what I miss most of all"

"I'm a person who likes to be at home. That's why it isn't too difficult for me to adapt to this situation"

"With Barça B we are one point behind the leader and with the aim of being promoted. Hopefully we can resume the competition because I'm missing it"

"On the patio and also in the 'living room' is where I do all the exercises that we are asked to do"

"Ansu is very lucky playing on his console" (laughs)

"The other day I created a TikTok but I've only uploaded one video. I have to do more. It takes courage to upload them"

"During confinement I've learned to cook quite a few things. I'm watching lots of cooking videos, and the other day I made a carrot cake"

"My best item at home is the shirt from my debut with the first team"

"I like action movies. I watch them all! And series wise I recommend 'Prison Break', I've already seen it a couple of times"

"A book I recommend is 'Unlimited' and also 'Change of pace', which is written by a friend of mine"


"I'm at home with my family. There are seven of us. Like Ronald and Àlex, I do the training and try to distract myself with series and movies"

"A year ago I wouldn't have believed that I would find myself in the situation I'm in now"

"Everything went very fast, it was like a dream. I didn't imagine being in the first team and I'm trying to enjoy every moment. Now I have to continue working"

"What do I do most of the time at home? I'm in the gym, playing the Playstation or watching repeats of games"

"I play quite a few Playstation games with Ronald. When he manages to beat me ..." (laughs)

"I haven't had to go outside at any time"

"I've made some very good cheesecakes"

"My best item that I have at home is my debut shirt signed by all my team-mates"

"I like all kinds of movies. I recently saw 'A setback' and I liked it"

"A book as a recommendation? I take the time to study mathematics"

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