Biggest Barça Academy Cup Las Américas ever an organizational success

Biggest Barça Academy Cup Las Américas ever an organizational success

600 athletes enjoy wonderful sporting and leisure experience, sharing activities both on and off the pitch. Wins evenly spread across the six age categories, with titles for Dominicana (U12 & U14), Mexico (U8), Pro New York (U10) and Cibao FC (U16 & U18).

The fourth edition of the Barça Academy Cup Las Américas, the biggest yet, was another near perfect experience, with over 600 players aged 7 to 18 years from 16 different Barça Academies in nine countries. The largest entry ever also meant for a huge challenge in terms of organization, led by the host Barça Academy Rep. Dominicana at the Los Establos polo grounds in Cap Cana, and everything went wonderfully.

Teams from the host country were the standout performers in the 2019 edition, with ScotiaBank once again sponsoring not just the football competition but also the many other leisure activities for the youngsters to enjoy. Barça Academy República Dominicana won the U14 edition with its two teams playing each other in the final. It’s an age range where they have won all four editions played to date, and the same academy was also triumphant in U12, beating Barça Academy México Yellow in the final.

In the 11-a-side categories, Cadete (U16) and Juvenil (U19), the Dominican Republic also got the main silverware, with local guest team Cibao Fútbol Club winning both honors, beating Barça Academy República Dominicana Blue in the former category and another guest team, Punta Cana FC, in the latter.

In the younger age groups, Barça Academy México had the most finalists, four in total. They met each other in U8, with Barça Academy México Blue beating Barça Academy México Yellow, while the U10 winners were Barça Academy Pro New York, winning the title for the second year in a row, this time on penalties against Barça Academy México Blue.

The Barça Academy Cup Las Américas trophies and medals were presented by Xavier O’Callaghan, Managing Director of FC Barcelona in America; Miguel Huller, Retail & Small Business Banking at Scotiabank Dominican Republic and Azor Hazoury, vice-president of business for Cap Cana.

Unique experience

The families of the players who travelled to Cap Cana were thoroughly impressed with everything they saw and did. And extra day, not three but four, made the all-round experience much more enriching for the children, with the matches at Los Establos combined with beach activities where they got to interact with kids from other Barça Academies, countries and cultures.


Initiation – U8: 
2018 – Barça Academy Costa Rica
2019 – Barça Academy Mexico Blau

Formation – U10:
2016 – Barça Escola Barcelona
2017 – Barça Escola Barcelona
2018 – Barça Academy PRO New York
2019 – Barça Academy PRO New York 

Pre-competition – U12:
2016 – Barça Academy Fukuoka
2017 – Barça Academy Dominicana Blau
2018 – Barça Escola Barcelona Blau
2019 – Barça Academy  Dominicana Blau

Competition – U14:
2016 – Barça Academy Dominicana Blau
2017 – Barça Academy Dominicana Blau
2018 – Barça Academy Dominicana Grana
2019 – Barça Academy Dominicana Grana

Cadete – U16:
2018 – Barça Academy Dominicana Blau
2019 – Cibao FC

Juvenil – U19:
2018 – Punta Cana FC
2019 – Cibao FC


Força Barça
Força Barça

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