Leo Messi: Having three kids changed my perspective on life

Leo Messi: Having three kids changed my perspective on life

In an interview with sports paper Marca the Argentine star touches on his personal life: his likes, habits, his children and the challenges that remain for him

Despite having achieved almost everything, Leo Messi continues to collect awards. On Wednesday he was presented with his sixth Golden Shoe, the latest in a long line of personal prizes. The award was given out by Spanish sports paper Marca which on Thursday also published an interview with the Argentine star. In the piece we get to see the more personal side of Leo Messi as he talks about his day to day life and the challenges that remain for the Barça striker: 

Family above all else 

"You grow and you learn. You gather experience in all aspects of life, on and off the field. But, as a human being, having three children changed my perspective on life, my way of thinking and it also helped me grow." 

"Even though there are few moments of respite at home with three kids, we try to enjoy every second with them, whether it is watching the TV, playing or whatever. We like to stay at home and enjoy these moments." 

"My wife, Antonela, has lots of great qualities. I really admire how she deals with the day to day, she is always in a good mood and she approaches problems admirably. She is highly intelligent and well rounded in all aspects of life." 

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Present and future challenges

"I dream about winning more trophies on a collective level. To win another Champions League. That is the challenge we have, adding another Champions League to the trophy cabinet." 

"I always say at that individual prizes are not my objective. The Best, or the Ballon d'Or or the Golden Shoe and less the goal of the year. If you get them, great: if not, no problem." 

"Now I play a bit deeper to pick the ball up from the midfielders. I don't know what will happen in the future with my position." 

"You see yourself until when you can continue. I will find out as time goes by. I'll be the first to say "I have made it to here, I can't any more," or if I feel good enough to carry on. As the years go by, I'll find out." 

"You think that you are 25 still and you can do the same things as before. However, the body rules and there are times when you have to be more careful. Taking that in requires time as does training and playing in a different way." 

"Each person searches for their objectives but I have never needed to leave the best club in the world, Barcelona, where I enjoy training, matches and the city. It's the complete package and I have always been clear about the objectives in this club and leaving for another." 

Messi & Camp Nou

A more personal Messi

Favourite dish? "I would always say 'asado' (Argentinian meat barbecue), Milanese or pasta. I like simple food (...) Also, a little bit of chocolate, 'dulce de leche' and ice cream. Anything sweet. I try not to eat too much but I do like it." 

What do the Messis watch on TV? "I don't watch TV, I am more a fan of series. When we are with the kids we watch cartoons or films they like, beacuse they have the remote control." 

Do you like 'mate'? "Hot and bitter mate. I used to have it sweet but later I got used to the bitter one which is what I drink now." 

Coffee? "I used to drink it a lot but I stopped a while ago." 

Any unusual habits? "I have a few. Before going to bed I like to get the table ready for the next day. At breakfast I like everybody to be in the same place. When I get home I take my shoes off straight away, and if I can, I do it at other people's houses." 

Addicted to your phone? "I like, more or less. At home we try to avoid and do things together." 

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