Neto's interview in 10 phrases

Neto's interview in 10 phrases

The new Barça goalkeeper explains his goals for the season and talks about his signing in the interview 'Welcome Neto,' made by Barça TV

Neto arrived at Barça after playing for Paranens (2002-2011), Fiorentina (2011-2015), Juventus (2015-2017) and Valencia (2017-2019). His height, almost two metres, combined with his agility, makes Neto a goalkeeper who fills the goal. He's great in the air and is difficult to overcome on the goal line, virtues that make him a quality reinforcement.

Football beginnings

"I was very clear about the fact that I wanted to be not just a football player, but a goalkeeper. I wasn't going to go running from one side to the other on the pitch: I wanted to save the team by stopping goals. My father was also a goalkeeper and was my great inspiration."

Moving to Europe

"It was a dream to be able to play in Europe. I was 20 years old and I'd started to get into the Brazilian team. I didn't want to miss the first opportunity that was presented to me because I didn't know if I would get another one."

Fiorentina and Serie A

"It was a very tactical football game in Italy, where you needed to read the matches very well. Compared to Brazil's game, it was much faster and I had to change my style of play to adapt to it."

Silver at the 2012 Olympic Games 

"Few have had the privilege of winning an Olympic medal. It was a pity not to win the final, but it will always be a source of pride to be able to explain that feeling to my daughter."

Signing for Juventus

"I was 25 years old, I had completed three very good seasons in Fiorentina and I felt I needed to make a change. I experienced two very intense years where I learned a lot, especially with Buffon. He always transmitted security and incredible leadership."

A starter at Valencia

"I always wanted to play in La Liga. I worked hard in those two seasons and we were able to return Valencia to the Champions League."

Wearing the Barça shirt

"I feel very proud to have this opportunity. I think I'm in my best time as a person and as a professional. I have always dreamed of playing at a club like Barça. Opportunities come when we least expect it, but when we are most prepared."


First memories of Barça

"I started to watch Barça at the time of Ronaldo and Rivaldo. I still remember it as if it were yesterday, watching Ronaldo's famous goal [against Compostela] at my grandmother's house."

Being Barça's goalkeeper

"It's a style where you have to participate much more. The goalkeeper is always watched with a magnifying glass, but I am very prepared. Being able to play with Ter Stegen will make me much better. Playing against Barça is always unpredictable and doing so next to Messi will be a lot easier."

Objectives for this season

"I always like to go home every day with the feeling of having taken another step. As a team, I want us to compete at the highest level for all the titles. I consider myself a winner and I don't like losing."

Força Barça
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