Sergio Busquets helps bring Cruyff Court to Badia del Vallès

Sergio Busquets helps bring Cruyff Court to Badia del Vallès

The Cruyff Foundation, Obra Social La Caixa, and the FC Barcelona Foundation are promoting this project to help foment sport among the town's youth

FC Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets is giving back to his hometown, Badia del Vallès.

On Friday morning, the Barça number eight attended the grand opening of a field there, which has been built to help promote sports among the area's youth and which will be named after both himself and former Barça legend Johan Cruyff.

Badia is a small town located about 20 kilometres north of the City of Barcelona, in the Western Vallès, an inland area separating the city and sea from rural Catalonia.

The event was attended by Busquets, along with Susila Cruyff, on behalf of the Cruyff Foundation; Jaume Giró, CEO of the La Caixa Foundation; Jordi Cardoner, the first Vice President of FC Barcelona; and Eva Menor, the Mayor of Badia del Vallès

The opening of Cruyff Court Sergio Busquets is the fruit of an alliance between the Cruyff Foundation, Obra Social "la Caixa" and the FC Barcelona Foundation. It calls for the construction and maintenance of a total of 15 Cruyff Courts in Catalonia, prioritising disadvantaged areas and focusing on the social inclusion of especially vulnerable children and youth through sport.

Cruyff Courts are small football fields, open to the public, aiming to promote sport and instilling values such as responsibility, integration, teamwork, and personal growth, as well as the prevention of sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity.

The start of a major project

The agreement, which was signed on 15 March, also includes plans for two specific football-related projects. The first is the Cruyff Courts 6v6, a tournament for boys and girls, 10–12 years of age, involving all the Cruyff Courts. The second is the Community Program, which aims to help young people from different neighbourhoods learn how to organise their own tournament.

The creation of Cruyff Court Sergio Busquets in Badia del Vallès is just the beginning. There is another one coming soon to La Pobla de Segur, the hometown of former Barça star Carles Puyol.

The Cruyff Courts project in Catalonia has joined forces with this three-organisation alliance to promote the Cruyff Foundation's Patio 14 project, which calls for the renovation of ten school playgrounds in different Catalan towns.

Statement by Sergio Busquets:

"I am very happy because I played here. I wish I had had a field like this. Enjoy it and respect the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff. I want to thank all the organisations that have made this project possible. "

Statement by FC Barcelona Vice President, Jordi Cardoner:

"For the FC Barcelona Foundation it is really exciting to inaugurate the first Cruyff Court in the framework of our partnership with the Cruyff Foundation and La Caixa. It is a tangible symbol of Johan's legacy, and it shows that we are all committed to making it everlasting. And the fact this field is in Badia del Vallès and sponsored by Sergio Busquets gives the project a high-degree of authenticity and charisma."

Statement by Jaume Giró:

"We all play with one objective: social commitment and a willingness to provide opportunities. Today we have won. Our first triumph is launching the Cruyff Court Sergio Busquets. All three institutions form a great team and we will make Johan's dreams come true. And that means making possible the construction of the 15 Cruyff Courts we agreed to."

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