The BPA, top marks for education during the 2015-2016 academic year

The BPA, top marks for education during the 2015-2016 academic year

The organisation has doubled the amount of participation in its courses, as well as increasing the total number of students when compared with last season.

The Barça Players’ Association has completed its academic year and now it’s time to give a mark for how the 2015-2016 education programme has been received. A total of 248 participations were registered throughout the season across the different educational activities. That figure represents an increase of 137 participations compared with last year, in other words, more than double. A total of 90 different students have taken part in the various courses organised by the BPA, a considerable increase when compared with the 64 students who registered for courses during the previous academic year.

Furthermore, an average of 10 students attended each of the various workshops on offer. This is further proof of the steps taken by the Association to promote working in smaller groups with common objectives, therefore offering members a tailor-made education programme. From September, 2015 to July, 2016, 21 different educational activities have been carried out, (an average of 7 or 8 per trimester), with an increase in participation levels and good academic results. This season has seen an emphasis placed on sporting education, as well as personal and professional skills.

English language skills have also been given a big push with the aim of satisfying various needs related to the professional world. This was the case of the Effective Communication course (for business) and the English for Coaches course. Other English courses also continued throughout this academic year, in order to learn language skills for everyday use.

Apart from the various educational activities programmed throughout the season, two conferences were also held, attended by around forty people. The first was related to different types of intelligence which can be applied to sport, whilst the second analised the serious consequences of heat-stroke.


The Association’s Education and Development Area has already put together the education programme it will offer to members in the first trimester of the new academic year. These workshops will take place from September to December of 2016; the improvement of personal and professional skills as well as sporting education remain key objectives.

Three courses will look to satisfy the first of those two objectives. Practical English aims to provide students with the necessary tools to put into practice speaking skills, based on what they learned in theory classes. The objective of English for Travelling & Business II is to improve participants’ communication skills within different business and sporting contexts.  In addition, 10 Keys to Improving my Personal and Professional Productivity is a course which will give students tools that can be applied to both their personal and professional environments so that they manage their day to day more effectively. 

In terms of sporting education, there will be a course about Mindfulness; a new tool which improves athletes’ performances. The workshop will introduce, in a brief and practical way, a new technique which has a very positive influence on the performance of an athlete, the achievement of goals, and relationships between team members. The course is aimed at coaches and players who have a special interest in learning about new tools for managing sports teams. 

Last but not least, the Association will organise two beginners’ courses for IT and English. The Manage Online and Save Time workshop aims to give participants basic knowledge so that they can carry out simple tasks in a safe way on the internet. First Steps in English will work on basic vocabulary and expressions in order for students to be able to deal with simple communication situations in an everyday context.


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