2012 Congress Position Papers

2012 Congress Position Papers

The document sets out the route map for the future of the movement and includes the decisions approved by the penyes

The XXXIII Congrés Mundial de Penyes, held on August 19th and 20th, marked a historic turning point for the movement.

Final document approved

The position papers served as a basis for discussion and amendments during the congress itself and there was a rich and interesting discussion on the amendments which were then voted on.

The papers were approved unanimously by the penyes present at the congress, a reflection of the good work carried out by the work groups over the course of last season to synthesise the various points of view held across the movement and collected by their members.

The movement continues on the path of self-management laid down in 2010, reaching agreement with the Club on the route to be taken. The penyes will democratically decide on their future and make any changes to the rules and regulations in line with the current situation, as outlined in the Projecte Penyes Segle XXI.

Access to the document

You can download the papers, together with the agreed on amendments at the link below. The final document of the last Congrés Mundial de Penyes is thus available to be consulted by everyone who wishes to do so.

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