Five plaques and meeting presentation

Five plaques and meeting presentation

Five plaques and meeting presentation Besides the plenary session and the visit to the new Social Area with the delegates, five penyes unveiled their new shields and a meeting was presented at the Camp Nou on Saturday

This was one of those days when there was an especially large penyes presence and with the date of the game known well in advance, there were many penya visits this Saturday.

Presentation of Leonese Trobada in the Sala de Juntes

The Sala de Juntes hosted the presentation of the Trobada de Penyes de Lleó i Província, which will be celebrating its fifth edition in Santa María del Páramo on June 8th. Chief Director of the Social Commission Pau Vilanova and Manuel Fernando Nieto, president of the organising penya, the Peña Paramesa Barcelonista, chaired the presentation.

Five more plaques at Gol Nord

Five penyes unveiled their club plaques at the Gol Nord. The first to do so was the Peña Barcelonista Nicolau Casaus de Algarinejo, in Granada. Daniel Casanovas, Comissió de Penyes director and the penya president José Antonio Lizana unveiled the plaque.

Immediately afterwards, Penyes Commission director Xavier Ilincheta represented the Club as the plaque of the Peña Barcelonista El Zorro Culé, from Extramadura, was unveiled in the presence of its president Manuel León. The Peña Barcelonista La Jarrilla Gargalicas, also from Badajoz also unveiled their plaque, with Ilincheta and the club president Álvaro Pajuelo doing the honours.

The fourth unveiling was done by fifteen members of the Penya Blaugrana Eslovena Triglav, from Slovenia. The club president Tomaz Babic thanked the Club for the event and replying in English, Daniel Casanovas returned the thanks for the effort in making such a long journey. The Slovenian Consul in Barcelona Sr. Albert Estrada also attended the unveiling.

Finally, the Penya Barcelonista Centenario de Valladolid unveiled their plaque in the presence of their club president Maria Rosa Alcacer and Penyes Commission director, Elvira Pou.

Also activity at the Palau Box

The Penya Blaugrana de Carme was also present during the handball game between FC Barcelona Intersport and the BM Villa de Aranda, in which the Xavi Pascual men won 31-27. Eduard Coll, director of the Social and Sports Areas, and Pau Vilanova, chief director of the Social Commission, welcomed
Joan Carles Còdol, president of this penya established in l'Anoia.

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