2010 General Assembly legal challenge appeal, dismissed

The case was submitted by ex-President Joan Laporta and the members of his Board of Directors

The 13th Section of the Provincial Court of Barcelona has announced its ruling to dismiss the appeal of the sentence imposed on February 22 of 2013 on Mr Joan Laporta and the members of his Board of Directors by the Court of Primera Instancia number 30 of Barcelona on indictment number 1533/2010, which wholly dismissed the legal challenge of the General Assembly of October 16 of 2010.

The ruling of the Provincial Court also imposes the incurred legal costs of the defendants on the plaintiffs.

The principal arguments of the ruling are as follows: (i) scrupulous observation of the right to prior information, (ii) the figure of the President was not impersonated by the Secretary, (iii) The exposure of ‘due diligence’ did not influence voting results; (iv) liquidation of the 2009/2010 fiscal year presented to the General Assembly complies with statutory requirements and reflects an accurate picture on the Entity’s economic outlook; (v) did not impede Mr Laporta from participating in the General Assembly; (vi) the legal rights of the plaintiffs were not infringed upon and the legal or statutory provisions were not violated.

From this point on, the cause of suspension of the action of responsibility approved by the General Assembly is without effect.

FC Barcelona expresses its satisfaction with this new judicial declaration of validity of the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly on October 16 of 2010.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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