Handball, futsal and roller hockey tickets from September 19

Handball, futsal and roller hockey tickets from September 19

Members can get tickets from that date as can holders of 'Friends of...' cards for handball, futsal or roller hockey

From Thursday September 19 until February 1, 2014, FC Barcelona will be receiving requests for Palau Blaugrana season tickets to watch handball, futsal and roller hockey this season.

Note that season ticket holding members get into handball, futsal and roller hockey matches for free, but a season ticket for the Palau guarantees they won’t miss match and can have their very own prime location seat in the pavilion. Also, while normal members still have to queue up for tickets for matches, with a season ticket, you can go straight inside.

The price for members to get season tickets for handball or futsal is 63 euros per section, while a roller hockey season ticket costs just 42 euros.

FC Barcelona members that already have basketball season tickets get a 25% discount. For them, therefore, the handball or futsal season tickets come to just 47 euros, and roller hockey ones 31 euros.

Friends of...

FC Barcelona also issues non-members with ‘Friends of Handball’, ‘Friends of Futsal’ and ‘Friends of Roller Hockey’ cards, which offer the same advantages as members with season tickets – their own prime location seat and free entry to all matches.

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Members wanting season tickets for one, two or all three of the sections must go in person to the OAB, or can apply by email by downloading the form that they will find in the Ticketing section of the club website at www.fcbarcelona.cat. Non-members can only get ‘Friends of’ cards by coming to the OAB in person.

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