Helvetia Anaitasuna – FC Barcelona: Another victory! (25-39)

Helvetia Anaitasuna – FC Barcelona: Another victory! (25-39)

Another dominant display from Pascual's men in the league, they have won all 22 of their league matches so far this season

Simply unstoppable. The team managed by Xavi Pascual are hurtling towards the league title as they claimed their 22nd win of the season. Even though it was close at the start, the Blaugrana once again showed why they are favourites to win the title - they also set new goalscoring records.

Goal 800 of the season

There weren’t many goals scored at the start of the match, and the tempo was dictated by the home team. The Blaugrana were only up by two goals in the opening 10 minutes of the game (9-11). Pascual’s men soon pulled away, however, thanks to Robin and, when they reached the 14-goal mark, they also took their tally of goals scored in the season to 800.

The biggest lead of the match was taken at the end of the first half (12-21). The nine-goal difference gave Barça the necessary tranquility to go into the second half.

22,000 goals scored in the Asobal

Barça’s advantage marked the second half. Pascual’s men continued to add to their lead and the home team, always trailing, tried to fight back.

When Barça scored their 34th goal it set a new record for the team in the Asobal League. Rutenka, who finished off a quick counterattack, scored Barça’s 22,000 goal in the history of the competition.

The victory is Barça’s 22nd in the league, and they sit atop of the table undefeated.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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