Dani Nieto says Eibar are defined by intensity, defence, and strategy

Dani Nieto says Eibar are defined by intensity, defence, and strategy

The ex-Barça B player, now with Eibar, visits the Camp Nou on Saturday hoping to bring a surprise He told fcbarcelona.com that he knew Munir and Sandro were going to make it sooner or later

Dani Nieto is returning to Barçaville on Saturday. He took some time to sit down with fcbarcelona.com and talk about his first months with Eibar and whether his team can turn heads at the Camp Nou. He even delved into the coming Real Madrid v Barça match.

How's it going with your new club?

"It's going well. It's not so easy to go from a city like Barcelona to a town like Eibar, but the people and the team have really taken me in. I thought it would be colder and that it would rain more."

Eibar have started strong. Ninth in La Liga. Did anyone expect that?

"To tell you the truth, no. The other teams that have come up from the second division are not doing so well. We are ninth with nine points but the season is very long. We have no idea where we'll be at the end of the season."

You haven't played very much yet.

"That's true. I've played in three of our eight matches. When I have played, I've done pretty well I think. But I think it's normal that the coach has confidence in his players from last year. I guess that little by little I'll get more time."

What more could you do to become an important player for Eibar?

“The Barça style is totally different from Eibar. I think it's been a little tough to adapt."

Are you following Barça this season?

“Whenever I can I watch them on TV. Their players are great. And they really know how to fight."

What do you think is going to happen when you play them at the Camp Nou?

"It's obvious that Barça will attack as usual. We'll try to stop them and get out on the counter-attack."

What are Eibar's main weapons?

"We have intensity, we play great defence, and we have good strategy. We'll try to exploit them."

Do you know if you'll play?

“I don't know anything yet. The coach hasn't given us any clues. He usually tells us the lineup the day before, and sometimes on game day. At any rate, if I start the match I'll do my best. If I come in off the bench, I'll do whatever I can to help."

Until now, Eibar have not backed down from the big teams.

"That's true. We beat Real Madrid, we lost 2-1 at Atletico Madrid, and we drew 0-0 at Bilbao. Those matches really did a lot for our self-esteem."

Do you follow your ex team, Barça B?

“Yes, whenever I can. In fact, I almost went to see them play last weekend in Santander. Its only about 90 minutes from Eibar, but in the end I didn't go."

What do you think about the arrival of Munir and Sandro?

“They were big last year. I knew that sooner or later they would shine. If not this year then next year."

It's still more than one week away, but would you like to make a prediction for El Clasico at the Bernabéu?

“Sure. 2-1 Barça."

Among your teammates, do more people follow Barça or Madrid?

“There's a little bit of everything. But I think the majority support Barça."

Força Barça
Força Barça

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