Gerard Piqué says result justified

Gerard Piqué says result justified

The defender pleaded that his hand ball was unavoidable but unintentional

Gerard Piqué was the first to offer his analysis as soon as the final whistle faded into the night. He said that "in the first half it wasn't so bad, however after their second goal we tried to attack more. And here in the Bernabeu that just opens it up a little more for them to do some damage on the counterattack. But I think the result is fair."

He also talked about his handball that led to a Madrid penalty which drew the match even. "I'm on the ground and my arm just doesn't disappear. I did touch the ball, albeit unintentionally," he confessed.

Despite the defeat, the central defender believes that "the team is doing good things." He felt bad to see Claudio Bravo's streak end at 754 minutes. He also gave thumbs up to Luis Suárez's performance, in spite of it being Suarez's first match this season.

Statements by other players:

Claudio Bravo:

"The team is leaving Bernabéu a bit down. We came here to win."

"It wasn't for a lack of concentration, it's just that in the second half we couldn't control as well. With Madrid ahead, they tightened up on the back line and didn't leave any space."

"Personally it felt good to make my Clasico debut, but also a little bitter because we couldn't go home with the victory."

Xavi Hernández:

"We didn't lose control at all; when they went up they were more comfortable."

"When we were up 1-0, we should have taken longer possessions. We just missed out on the second goal, and when you miss those in the Bernabeu you pay a hefty price."

"Each team had their own for a half. After their second goal, they stayed back and looked for counterattacks."

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