FC Barcelona beat Noia 7-3

FC Barcelona beat Noia 7-3

Hockey team dominate and sit atop the table heading into the winter break

C.E. Noia Freixenet, 3 FC Barcelona, 7

FC Barcelona ended the year on a high note, getting their 13th league win in 14 tries, this time on the road while dominating a tough opponent that had been harbouring other ideas.

Knowing full well that whoever scored the first goal would be endowed with backbreaking momentum, there was plenty of fouling that kept both sides from creating dangerous chances. Noia felt they could concede possession as long as they could batten down the hatches and keep their net clear of any danger.

Barça's Matías Pascual broke through in the 9th minute for the 1-0 lead, and the visitors never looked back. Ten minutes later, Marín made it 2-0 and Barça were headed to victory, in spite of Noia's best efforts to mount a comeback late in the game.


C.E. Noia Freixenet: Luis Gil, Esteller, Albesa, Del Amor, Francesc Gil- starting five-, Palau, Xaus and Ferrer.

FC Barcelona: Egurrola, Gual, Pascual, Álvarez, Panadero- starting five-, Reinaldo, Barroso and Marín.

Goals: 0-1, Pascual (9'); 0-2, Marín (18'); 1-2, Francesc Gil, penalty. (21'); 1-3, Álvarez (25'); 2-3, Esteller (25'); 2-4, Reinaldo (29'); 2-5, Álvarez (31'); 2-6, Álvarez (34'); 3-6, Albesa (37'); 3-7, Álvarez (37').


Força Barça
Força Barça
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