Supporters clubs against child poverty

Supporters clubs against child poverty

The Solidarity Council has worked to get the movement involved in a state-wide project

The Penyes Segle XXI is striving to raise awareness of the supporters movement, and one the most important ways of doing this is through involvement in charity projects, something which has always formed part of the club’s famous values.

The Solidarity Council, part of the Events and Activities Commission, has been working precisely in this area as it channels, fosters and coordinates charity activities to ensure that the supporters movement forms part of the nation’s social network.

Projects are being studied both on a domestic and an international scale, the idea being to get the over 1200 supporters clubs involved in caring initiatives.

Major global project

The first major global project in association between the supporters and FC Barcelona is active participation in the “Tots Contra la Pobresa Infantil” programme being promoted by the Fundació Rosa Oriol. Famous Barça supporter Sister Lucía Caram is the main face at the forefront of this project and is delighted to draw on the help of the FCB supporters movement.

The initiative was presented at two events last February 17 in Barcelona and Manresa, where all of the activities between now and July were described. It all goes to show the caring side of the movement, as well as Barça’s dedication to its territory, making the most of its popularity to rally the people behind good causes like this.

Different ways to collaborate

There are a variety of different ways in which supporters can do their bit to show how Barça is and always will be dedicated to improving the plight of children in need.

For instance, they can get in contact with the Plataforma publishing house to acquire a minimum of 100 copies of the book Tú ahorras, ganamos todos to sell in their towns, with the benefits all going to “Tots Contra la Pobresa Infantil”.

Individually, they can also make personal donations to the 2100-5000-52-0200078599 bank account or by sending an SMS message with the word “Ajuda” to the number 28029.

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