Already champs, FC Barcelona win at Gijón 34–25

Already champs, FC Barcelona win at Gijón 34–25

Barça win comfortably as Ariño's seven goals lead team to 58th consecutive league triumph

The FC Barcelona handball team won their 58th consecutive league game in Gijón, giving Xavi Pascual's team a 34–25 victory in a game that did not feature top players Víctor Tomás, Karabatic or Sigurdsson. Aitor Ariño had a game-high seven goals in a clash that Barça dominated from start to finish.

Barça were up 11–7 after 15 minutes and then, after Gijón came to within two goals, extended the lead to 18–14 at the half. A solid defensive effort after the break allowed the Catalans to run it 23–15, although a fine effort by Gijón goalkeeper Pejcinovic kept it from getting out of hand. With Barça up ten at 27–17 after 43 minutes, Xavi Pascual found minutes for youngsters Beto Miralles and Víctor Sáez before wrapping up their 58th straight.


Juanfersa Gijón, 25
FC Barcelona, 34

Juanfersa Gijón: Pejcinovic, Adrián Fernández (1), Huerta (1), Pellitero (1), Paraja (1), Paredes (5), Potic (1) —starting seven— Ignacio Fernández, Rionda (2), Rial (2), Serdio (-), Montoya (4), Íñigo Álvarez (2), Ortega (-), Plaza (2).

FC Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas, Noddesbo (2), Entrerríos (2), Ariño (7), Saubich (3), Jallouz (5), Lazarov (4) —starting seven— Saric, Sorhaindo (3), Gurbindo (1), Beto Miralles (1), Rutenka (5), Viran (-), Víctor Sáez (1).

Scoring by five-minute intervals: 1-2/6-7/7-11/9-13/12-14/14-18 (HALF)/15-21/17-24/18-28/20-30/23-33/25-34.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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