Travel to Rome: tickets from Wednesday

Travel to Rome: tickets from Wednesday

Penyes may order tickets on September 2 and 3

Barça begin their Champions League defence on September 16 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. A good start is always important in the group stage and all the support the Penyes can give will be more than welcome.

Ticket applications

In accordance with the traditional weighting criteria, a total of 595 tickets have been allocated to the penyes movement.

All official clubs can order tickets from Wednesday 2 September at 10.00am CET until Thursday 3 September at 7.00pm CET using the form available on the website. Each ticket costs €60.

There will be an application form available on the Club website, where supporters will need to provide their supporters club credentials, key contact information, and a credit or debit card, while specifying whether the tickets will be mailed or picked up in person.

Once the process is finalised and tickets are assigned, the Club will contact penyes via email regarding the final distribution.


As soon as the application process has ended, tickets will be assigned following established objective criteria and approved coefficients so that each zone is allocated a certain number of tickets. From there, the presidents of each federation will make a proposal for territorial distribution corresponding to their area.

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Força Barça
Força Barça
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