Ante Tomic the most productive player in the Endesa League

Ante Tomic the most productive player in the Endesa League

The start of the season from the Croatian centre in the competition is unbeatable and his numbers show that he is the most productive player in terms of minutes on the court

Nobody produces as much from his time on the court as the Croatian. Ante Tomic this season has played four games in the Endesa League this season and his numbers bear out his excellent form: 17.3 points, 5.5 rebounds, one assist and a 25.3 points score. In fact, he is the only player in the ACB who has a higher points value than average minutes on the court, he leads the table in points value and he is second in the list of points scorers.

Below we have a look at the spectacular Endesa League statistics of Ante Tomic in the four games he has played so far.

25.5 points value: He leads this statistic in the Endesa League, just ahead of the 22.6 of Dejan Musli (ICL Manresa).


21.5 minutes per game: Nobody else in the Endesa League produces more than him for each second he is out on the court and that makes him vital.


1.17 valuation per minute: He is the only player in the league who has a higher points value than minutes on the court. Projecting his points valuation over 40 minute would make it a total of 47.


Only behind Sabonis: If we look at the first four games of the season, only Arvydas Sabonis has a better valuation per minute than Tomic. The Lithuanian’s 157 in 97 minutes means a ration of 1.195.


A point every 72 seconds: Nobody scores more than him per minute (0.8 points ahead of the 0.76 of Felipe Reyes)


81.8% shooting success rate: Close to the basket, Tomic makes no mistake. Of 33 two pointers he has made 27. Only Joan Sastre has a better percentage (83.3% with nine shots less).


27 shots in four games, without precedent: No player has made 27 or more two pointers after four games with a percentage greater than 81.8%.

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