Former FC Barcelona players to get involved as ‘FCB Legends’

Former FC Barcelona players to get involved as ‘FCB Legends’

The initiative offers continuity to the careers of former players in the area of sport by using them as ambassadors and representatives of the Club

FC Barcelona and the Agrupació Barça Jugadors (ABJ - Barça Players Group) presented a new programme on Wednesday called FCB Legends, the idea of which is to honour the players that have worn the famous jersey in the past.

The project is all about joining forces to help globalise the Barça brand and its values, and to continue the involvement of former players in the club after their playing careers have ended.

The initiative was presented at the Camp Nou by Jordi Cardoner, first vice-president of FC Barcelona and the head of the Social Area and Foundation, along with Ramon Alfonseda, president of the ABJ and two emblematic former stars, Juliano Belletti and José Mari Bakero.

FCB Legends has arisen out of talks between the boards of both the Club and the ABJ, and seeks to promote all kinds of events around the world involving former players, including football matches and commercial activities.

Former players will also serve as ambassadors for the Club in different charity, institutional and Foundation events.

The FCB Legends programme will also broaden the experience of these players through participation as speakers and lecturers in relation to their different actions.

Statement by Jordi Cardoner

“This is an exciting, historic day for Barça. We’ve been hoping for and dreaming of a project like this for a long time, one that puts this Club in a position where no other club has been before. The players need to be the real ambassadors of Barça. This must be a cohesive project that can continue the careers of former footballers”.

Statement by Ramon Alfonseda

“We want to give back to society what society has given to former players. Elite footballers will have a future path and can also remain associated to FC Barcelona. Players can construct their own personal brands and can complete their training. Our dreams are coming true and our aim is to become ‘more than a Group’”.

Statement by Juliano Belletti

“A lot of people in Brazil ask why Barça is ‘more than a Club’ and it’s because of things like this. This Club thinks about its players and this is a way of offering them respect and we are very excited to be involved”.

Statement by José Mari Bakero

“This project is the logical continuation of the Veterans Group. This will make the Club and the members of the Group stronger.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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