Agreements of the FC Barcelona Board

Agreements of the FC Barcelona Board

The Board of Directors, who met in ordinary session at the Camp Nou, approved of several agreements

The Board of Directors, who met today in ordinary session at the Camp Nou, approved the following agreements:

Request of Copa del Rey final timetable to facilitate the movement of members and fans

Ahead of the meeting between the finalists of the Copa del Rey, initiated by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which will be held tomorrow at its headquarters in Madrid, the Board of Directors has agreed to ask that the match kicks off as early as possible, preferably at 7.00pm CET, as the day after the final is a working day. They will also ask for the highest number of tickets possible at reasonable prices, with the aim of accommodating as many members, supporters clubs and fans as possible.

Compliance with the requirement of the Professional Football League (LFP) for the location of organised supporters groups in the stadium

The Board has accepted to comply with the LFP’s requirement to create a designated area in the Camp Nou for organised supporters groups, in accordance with the rules of the competition. The LFP’s rule specifies that all clubs that have organized supporters groups must be grouped into a space in their stadiums with specific measures regarding closure, control and access.

The regulation of this area, from an organisational, logistical and control perspective, is detailed in the regulations. Its main features are:

- It is intended only for local fans and is differentiated and sectored independently of the rest of the stands, with exclusive access.

- It has a biometric identification control system, both personal and nontransferable.

- It can only be accessed forming part of a register, with certain data and special regulations, and at the disposal of the security team of the Club and the security forces of the State.

- The members of these areas will be subject to a system of behavior and special disciplinary regime, and at the disposal of the control measures.

- Regulations and matters subject to regulation which also affect this area, should become operational as soon as possible and, in any case, for the 2016/17 season.

In regard to the Camp Nou, this area will be in the lower north stand behind the goal. In fact, the 2012/13 season saw a process get underway to change the location to other areas of the stadium.

This tier will have three exclusive access doors and the whole area will be sectioned and isolated, with biometric turnstiles and special measures of control and security.

All members of this area need to be members of the club, older than 16 years of age, with at least three years of subscription.

Organized supporters groups must be constituted as an association and transfer the registration of its members to the Club to be part of this space. This arrangement is in addition to individual biometric registration and document of agreement between the parties.

Organized supporters groups can only be in the lower north stand behind the goal. As a result, the lower south stand, where these groups currently are located, will have the same treatment as any other area of the stadium’s stands, with the same rules and regulations in regard to capacity and safety.

Extraordinary security measures for the match against Arsenal

The Board has has analysed the  extraordinary security measures agreed between the Club and the Catalan police for Wednesday’s Champions League match against Arsenal. The Board wishes to thank in advance the cooperation and understanding of the members and fans for these necessary security measures.

Appeal against the decision of the Anti-Violence Commission

The Board has been informed of the filing of the appeal against the decision of the Anti-Violence Commission for not opening disciplinary proceedings against commentators 'Poli' Rincón and Manuel Sanchís.

Presentation of the finalist projects of the Espai Barça (Palau Blaugrana and Camp Nou)

The Board has been informed of all the finalist projects presented in the competition organized by the Espai Barça for both the New Palau Blaugrana and New Camp Nou. Board members have been able to gain a visual insight into these projects through the material provided by the candidates.

New FCBEscola campuses in the United States and Japan

The Board has approved two agreements for the creation of FCBEscola campuses in the United States and Japan. For the United States, it is an agreement that will 20 campuses across the nation including Orlando, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Kansas, between March and August this year. Regarding Japan, eleven campuses will be set up between May this year and April of next year.

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