Fair Play before El Clásico

Fair Play before El Clásico

The Supporters Clubs of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid got together before the match

As usual, representatives of the Supporters Clubs of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid got together before the game between their respective teams at the Hotel Princesa Sofia. The event was organized by the AFEPE in collaboration with the LFP, the Clubs, and their Supporters Clubs Federations to promote Fair Play between football teams and fans.

The ceremony was attended by FC Barcelona Social Area Director, Pere Jansà, as well as Antoni Guil, president of the World Confederation of FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs and AFEPE vice-president, and the Federation Presidents Matías Álvarez, Esteban García, Yamal Hawach, Daniel Peinado, Lluís Pérez, Joan Giménez i Jordi González.

Real Madrid was represented by Social Area Director, José Luis Sánchez and several representatives of their Federations and Supporters Clubs: Luis Cáceres, José Ribas, Paco Martínez, Epifenio Albadalejo, Alberto Barroso and Pere Rubio.

Pere Jansà, José Luis Sánchez and Antoni Guil dedicated a few words in tribute to Johan Cruyff as a major influence on modern football, especially at FC Barcelona. They also recalled the figure of Edmundo Bazo, the main promoter of the event and president of the Federació de Penyes del FC Barcelona in Madrid, who died in June 2015.

The FC Barcelona Social Area Director thanked Real Madrid for its sensitivity and involvement in the tribute to Cruyff. For his part, José Luis Sánchez highlighted the warm welcome always received by his club on visits to Barcelona.

Finally, Antoni Guil invited everyone to join forces to continue building for the future of the movement and the future of football.

Presentation of the Penya Lombarda Poster

In addition, before the game, the Camp Nou witnessed the presentation of the poster for the IX Anniversary of the Penya Lombarda FC Barcelona, which was attended by Josep Maria Barnils, Chief Director of the Social Commission, Xavier Ilincheta, Supporters Clubs Commission Director, and President of the Supporters Club, Antimo De Salve.

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