FC Barcelona Lassa v Naturhouse la Rioja: Happy ending (36-32)

FC Barcelona Lassa v Naturhouse la Rioja: Happy ending (36-32)

The handball side says farewell to the home season with a narrow and hard-fought win

FC Barcelona Lassa closed the home campaign with a narrow 36-32 victory over Naturhouse la Rioja on Wednesday night at the Palau Blaugrana.

While the hosts were more assertive of the two, each time they went ahead, the visitors would respond with a striker of their own.  Sigurdsson looked sharp  with three goals in six minutes, as did Eduardo Gurbindo who scored five in the opening 30, but Naturhouse kept fighting back.

That was until minute 38, when Wael Jallouz put the Catalans 25-20 ahead to give the team some deserved breathing space. After the interval, Naturhouse were unable to keep up with Barça’s rhythm and began to slip behind. Saric, Tomas and Jallouz kept firing, and eventually led the team to a 36-32 win, the team’s 90th consecutive win in the league.

Match details

Barça Lassa: Saric, Víctor Tomás (3), Sorhaindo (1), Sarmiento (1), Gurbindo (4), Sigurdsson (4), Jicha –starting seven- Gonzalo, Entrerríos (3), Ariño (1), Syprzak (3), Viran Morros, Jallouz (12), Lazarov (4).

Naturhouse: Gurutz Aguinagalde, Alberto Val, Víctor Vigo (4), Carlos Molina (2), Pedro Rodríguez (6), Ángel Fernández (4), Imanol Garciandia (2) –starting seven- Kappelin, Sánchez-Migallón (4), Luis Felipe Jiménez (4), Garabaya, Javier Garcia (4), Eduardo Cadarso (2).

Score by interval: 2-2 / 5-5 / 8-8 / 14-13 / 18-16 / 21-19 / 27-20 / 28-23 / 32-27 / 34-28 / 36-32.

Attendance: 1,039

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Força Barça
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