FC Barcelona, the most valuable club on the web

FC Barcelona, the most valuable club on the web

Forbes writes about a study by Hookit which values Barça’s digital worth at $25 million and with the most interactions with its fans

FC Barcelona is the best in the business when it comes to digital and economic presence in the world of sport, according to a recent study released by Hookit, which is included in Forbes Magazine.

The study shows that Barça has the most valuable social media presence, worth $25 million. As Forbes explains in its article, FC Barcelona tops each of the three categories in the study. With its promotion of campaigns using hashtags, mentions, brand image and engagement, it is the club with the most followers around the world.

The study estimates that FC Barcelona has 148 million fans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but if all platforms are counted, the Club has more than 200 million. The number of interactions with fans stands 1.45 billion – made up of likes, shares, comments and retweets - more than double that of Real Madrid, in second place in the standings.

Barça, top of each of three categories in the Hookit study, is way ahead of its competitors, in football and in the rest of the world of sport. Among the top 10 are other top football clubs like Manchester United and Bayern Munich, but also NBA sides like the La Lakers and the Warriors.

These are the top ten clubs according to three categories (followers, interactions and value on the web:

1. FC Barcelona

Followers: 148 million
Interactions: 1,45 billion
Online value: 25,3 million dollars

2. Real Madrid

Followers: 146 million
Interactions: 601 million
Online value: 17,2 million dollars

3. Manchester United

Followers: 88,4 million
Interactions: 522 million
Online value: 12,1 million dollars

4. Arsenal

Followers: 50,6 million
Interactions: 239 million
Online value: 9,2 million dollars

5. Chelsea

Followers: 59,5 million
Interactions: 181 million
Online value: 6,1 million dollars

6. Bayern Munich

Followers: 46,8 million
Interactions: 204 million
Online value: 2,5 million dollars

7. Los Angeles Lakers

Followers: 29,4 million
Interactions: 106 million
Online value: 11 million dollars

8. Golden State Warriors

Followers: 13,6 million
Interactions: 293 million
Online value: 3,3 million dollars

9. Manchester City

Followers: 27,5 million
Interactions: 107 million
Online value: 5,8 million dollars

10. Cleveland Cavaliers

Followers: 9,5 million
Interactions: 102 million
Online value: 12,5 million dollars

Força Barça
Força Barça

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