Schedule of FC Barcelona’s Olympic athletes in Rio

Schedule of FC Barcelona’s Olympic athletes in Rio

A breakdown of when the club’s Olympians are competing in the upcoming games

Find out exactly when FC Barcelona’s Olympic athletes are competing in the upcoming Rio Olympic Games: (all times in CET)


Neymar Jr and Rafinha (Brazil men's team) and Andressa Alves (Brazil women's team)

03 August: Brazil (w)- China, 9.00pm

04 August: Brazil (m)-South Africa, 9.00pm

07 August: Brazil (w)-Sweden, 3.00am

08 August: Brazil (m)-Iraq, 3.00am

10 August: South Africa-Brazil (w), 3:00am

11 August: Denmark-Brazil (m), 3.00am


Juan Carlos Navarro and Víctor Claver (Spain); and Shane Lawal (Nigeria)

7 August: Croatia-Spain, 12.00am

8 August: Nigeria-Argentina, 3.30am

9 August: Spain-Brazil, 7.15pm

10 August: Lithuania-Nigeria, 12.00am

12 August: Nigeria-Spain, 12.00am

14 August: Spain-Lithuania, 12.00am

14 August: Croatia-Nigeria, 3.30am

15 August: Nigeria-Brazil, 7.15pm

16 August: Spain-Argentina, 12.00am

Rugby Sevens

Pol Pla and Joan Losada (Spain)

9 August: South Africa-Spain, 4.30pm

9 August: Australia-Spain, 9.00pm

10 August: France-Spain, 4.00pm


Wael Jallouz (Tunisia), Kamil Syprzak (Poland), Jesper Noddesbo (Denmark), Cedric Sorhaindo and N’Guessan (France)

7 August: Denmark-Argentina, 7.40pm

7 August: Poland-Brazil, 9.40pm

8 August: France-Tunisia, 12.50am

9 August: Qatar-France, 2.30pm

9 August: Germany-Poland, 4.30pm

9 August: Tunisia-Denmark, 7.40pm

11 August: Tunisia-Qatar, 2.30pm

11 August: Poland-Egypt, 4.30pm

11 August: Denmark-Croatia

12 August: Sweden-Poland, 12.50am

12 August: France-Argentina, 2.50am

13 August: Croatia-France, 4.30pm

13 August: Denmark-Qatar, 7.40pm

14 August: Argentina-Tunisia, 2.50am

15 August: Poland-Slovakia, 2.30pm

15 August: France-Denmark, 7.40pm

16 August: Croatia- Tunisia, 12.50am

Field hockey

Miquel Delàs (Spain)

7 August: Spain-Brazil, 12.30am

8 August: Australia-Spain, 1.30am

9 August: New Zealand-Spain, 3.00pm

11 August: Spain-Belgium, 6.30pm

12 August: Great Britain-Spain, 10.00pm


14 August: First Round Long Jump, 2.20am (Jean Marie Okutu Kouleitio)

16 August: First Round Discuss, 1.30am or 2.50am (Sabina Asenjo Álvarez)

16 August: First Round 100 metre hurdles, 4.05pm (Caridad Jerez Castellanos)

17 August: First Round 5.000 metres, 3.05pm (Ilias Fifa)  

18 August: First Round Shotput, 2.55pm (Carlos Tobalina Aspire

19 August: Final 50 km Walk, 1.00pm (José Ignacio Diaz Velazquez)

19 August: Final 20 km Walk, 7.30pm (Raquel Gonzalez Campos)

8 September: Final long jump Paralympic Games, 3.00-6.00pm (Xavi Porras)

Força Barça
Força Barça

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