Barça Lassa 43-26 IFK Kristianstad: A win with style

Barça Lassa 43-26 IFK Kristianstad: A win with style

With the victory in the Palau, Xavi Pascual's side almost certainly qualify top of the group, a position that would allow them not to play the Round of 16 but directly access the following round

Barça Lassa's handball side returned to form after the defeat against Telekom Veszprém, and they did so with a forceful win over IFK Kristianstad (43-26). From beginning to end, there was only one side in it, and the win virtually seals qualification as first in the group because, with only one point needed from the four matches that remain, this will be a reality. The only way it wouldn't happen is if Veszprém won both of their games and Barça lost both of theirs.

Great defence

In a match with a very high tempo and in which they exceeded 43 points, Barça's defence were also important, especially in the beginning, when the Swedes only scored two goals in the first 10 minutes (8-2).

By contrast, Xavi Pascual's side had 10 different scorers before the break (21-12, 30 min), and they were much more comfortable on the Palau track. A 5-0 partial at the start of the second half took the score to 28-15 (38 min), and Barça maintained the distance until the end of the game (43-26). Only Montpellier and Rhein-Neckar Lowen remain for Barça Lassa in the group stages of the competition.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 43
IFK Kristianstad, 26

Barça Lassa: Gonzalo (-), Víctor Tomàs (4), Raúl Entrerríos (3), Aitor Ariño (2), Thiagus Petrus (-), Dika Mem (3), Ludovic Fabregas (1) –starters- Syprzak (6), Andersson (3), N’Guessan (3), Aleix Gómez (6), Dolenec (4), Duarte (2), Ilic (5), Pálmarsson (-).

Kristianstad: Leo Larsson (-), Nilsen (2), Gudmundsson (2), Marc Cañellas (4), Anton Halen (5), Arnarsson (4), Viktor Hallen (-) –starters- Einarsson (2), Hansson (1), Nyfjäll (3), Freiman (-), Ehn (-), Chrintz (3), Johannes Larsson (-), Jurmala Aström (-).

Partials: 4-1, 8-2, 11-5, 15-7, 17-10, 21-12 (break), 25-14, 29-17, 32-19, 39-23, 43-26.

Officials: Kirkholm Madsen, Mortensen.

Attendance: 3479 spectators at the Palau Blaugrana.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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