Barça Lassa 46 - 24 Recoletas Atlético Valladolid: Attacking festival at the Palau

Barça Lassa 46 - 24 Recoletas Atlético Valladolid: Attacking festival at the Palau

The blaugranes record an impressive on Ilic's debut in front of the home crowd

Barça Lassa disposed of the challenge of Recoletas Atlético Valladolid by 46-24 at the Palau Blaugrana in the 18th game of the Asobal League season. The game saw a debut for Nemenja Ilic in front of the fans at the Palau and he marked the occasions with seven goals, top scoring alongside N'Guessan. With 26 goals in the first half, the home side took control of the game early on against opponents who boasted Abel Serdio in their ranks, a player who will be at Barça Lassa in 2019/20. 

The blaugranes started in a blaze with Ilic and N'Guessan and soon Xavi Pascual's team had a 18-10 lead. At one point Barça Lassa were 24-10 before the visitors made the score 26-14 at the break. 

In the second half the defence took over with the score standing at 30-19 at the 40 minute mark. Nevertheless, the blaugranes took advantage of their pace on the counter attack to make the final score 46-24 and record their 18th league win of the season. 

Match stats 

Barça Lassa, 46
Atlético Valladolid, 24

Barça Lassa: Pérez de Vargas (-), Entrerríos (2), N’Guessan (7), Aleix (5), Syprzak (2), Dolenec (5), Ilic (7), - starting seven - Tomás (4), Andersson (4), Ariño (2), Thiagus Petrus (-), Dika Mem (5), Duarte (1), Pálmarsson (-) and Fabregas (2).
Atlético Valladolid: César Pérez (-), Nico López (-), Rubén Río (2), A.Serdio (3), Miguel Camino (4), Garcia Pascual (-), Victor Rodríguez (2) –starting seven- Diego Camino (1), Héctor (-), Dani Pérez (1), A. Fernández (2), Carlos Calle (P.S, 1), Á. Martínez (-), M. Martínez (5), Roberto Pérez (1) and Gastón (2)

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