Telekom Veszprém 30-31 Barça: Statement win

Telekom Veszprém 30-31 Barça: Statement win

The blaugranes show great team play to win in front of a boisterous crowd and become outright leaders of group B

What a victory! A statement win by FC Barcelona in the Champions League away to Telekom Veszprém. A great all-round performance saw Carlos Ortega's side win two points against the Hungarian side in second and open up a bigger lead in the group. 

Tight from the off

A boisterous atmosphere in a full Veszprém Arena saw the Hungarians and Catalans exchange goals throughout the game, but it began with Aleix and Frade shining in attack to score the blaugrana goals, despite the difficulties presented by the home side's strong defence.

It needed an inspired Richardson and Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas to help open up the biggest lead in the game with three goals (13-16, min 26) as the Hungarians proved hard to shake. Carlos Ortega's side had defended resolutely during the first half and went into the break 15-17 with all to play for.

Always one goal in it

Telekom Veszprém managed to level despite a great blaugrana rearguard action after halftime (20-20, min 36). Every ball was being fought for as if it was the last, with Barça repeatedly going +1, but it sometimes needed the blaugrana number 1 to prevent Veszprém from taking a two goal lead.

FC Barcelona were one goal up with five minutes to go. Pérez de Vargas performed brilliantly to keep the same advantage with just a minute remaining. A loss of possession in attack prevented the lead from being stretched to two, but Dika Mem made it 30-31 with just ten seconds to go. Telekom Veszprém ultimately failed with their last attack and the victory went to the visitors, meaning Carlos Ortega's side are outright leaders of group B in the Champions League.


Telekom Veszprém, 30
Barça, 31

Telekom Veszprém: Rodrigo Corrales (-), Remili (6), Marguc (3), Ligetvári (-), Elisson (-), Casado (3) and Ludovic Fabregas (5) -starting seven- Ignacio Biosca (-), Nagy (-), Sandell (2), Pechmalbec (2), Descat (2), Kosorotov (4), Fathy Omar (-) and Mahé (3)
Barça: Nielsen (-), Aleix (8), D. Mem (4), Richardson (5), Frade (5), N'Guessan (1) and Wanne (-) -starting seven- Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (), Carlsbogard (3), Pol Valera (-), Thiagus Petrus (-), Gallego (-), Langaro (1), Ariño (3) and Cikusa (1)

Partial scores: 3-3; 5-6; 8-9; 12-12; 13-14; 15-17 / 19-20; 21-22; 24-25; 27-27; 28-29; 30-31

Referees: Robert Schulze and Tobias Tönnies

Força Barça
Força Barça

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