Barça -  Wisla Plock: Double celebration at the Palau (32-25)

Barça - Wisla Plock: Double celebration at the Palau (32-25)

A very solid blaugrana side maintain their lead in Europe after a seven goal win against Wisla Plock

What better way for the Barça handball team to celebrate their 80th anniversary. This 32-25 win against a tough Wisla Plock side made it a double celebration, ensuring the leaders remain at the top of this season's Champions League Group B table.

Luis Frade shines

Carlos Ortega's side only trailed for 11 seconds in the entire half, Dika Mem and Luis Frade taking the blaugranes into a lead they would maintain and normally by three. Frade was on fire, all six of his shots finding the way into the back of Mirko Alilovic's net. Barça went +4 close to the break, but Dawydzik scored to end it 16-13, after a half in which the Palau applauded Djordje Cikusa on for his European debut and his brother Petar scored.

Blaugranas maintain control

Same again from Barça, Frade and Mem getting the second half scoring under way, before Aleix Gómez took on the mantle, firing in some of the eight goals he would score in the game, equalling Frade.

A roar went up when Gonzalo Pérez saved a penalty from Krajewski, while Emil Nielsen proved a veritable wall for Wisla Plock, prompting the Barça fans to chant his name. A well rounded performance, which ended with over 1,500 fans celebrating their team's 32-25 win in the Palau.


Barça, 32.
Orlen Wisla Plock, 25.

Barça: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (3), Aleix Gómez (8), Dika Mem (6), Pol Valera (1), Timothey N'Guessan (0), Luis Frade (8), Hampus Wanne (3) - starting seven - Emil Nielsen (4), Jonathan Carlsbogard (2), Jaime Gallego (0), Aitor Ariño (0), Thiagus Petrus (0), Djordje Cikusa (0), Melvyn Richardson (2), Petar Cikusa (2), Javier Rodríguez (0).

Orlen Wisla Plock: Mirko Alilovic (5), Tomas Piroch (1), Tin Lucin (3), Gonzalo Pérez (2), Kiryl Samoila (0), Gergö Fazekas (4), Mirsad Terzic (0) - starting seven - Marcel Jastrzebski (5), Michal Daszek (2), Miha Zarabec (2), Marcel Sroczyk (0), Filip Michalowicz (0), Przemislaw Krajewski (5), Dawyd Dawydzik (3), Lovro Mihic (3), Niko Mindegia (0). 

Score progression: 5-2; 10-7; 16-13 / halftime / 21-18; 25-22; 32-25.

Referees: Arthur Brunner and Morad Salah. Frank Böllhoff (Delegate).

Força Barça
Força Barça

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