Granollers 23-40 Barça: Blaugrana derby win!

Granollers 23-40 Barça: Blaugrana derby win!

Barça with a resounding away derby win with Nielsen starring in goal and Richardson and Frade on fire

It's a blaugrana day. The derby went FC Barcelona's way with this 23-40 win over Granollers. Emil Nielsen kept making the saves to help the blaugranas build a lead with Luis Frade and Melvyn Richardson on fire to take Carlos Ortega's side to their fifth league win.

Stunning start

Dika Mem made a quick fire start to take Carlos Ortega's side into an early lead, which set the pattern for the rest of the game, despite the best efforts of the home side who managed to make some inroads (5-8). However, this just riled Neilsen who made save after save. FC Barcelona's lead extended as a result, helped by Richardson's goals. 9-19 at the break.

The blaugranas extend the lead

More of the same after the break - Nielsen's saves and blaugrana goals to extend the lead to +13. The home side tried to cut into the lead by playing seven outfield players, but it wasn't enough, as Barça made the most of counterattacks to extend the lead further to +14, +15, +16 and even +17.

Final score 23-40 and the fifth win in the Liga Asocial for Carlos Ortega's side.


Granollers, 23
Barça, 40

Granollers: Roberto Rodríguez (-), Joan Amigó (1), Pere Arnau (1), Antonio García (3), Torriani (2), Oriol Rey (-) and Sergi Franco (2) -starting seven- Pol Amores (-), Bruno Reguart (1), Iván Montoya (4), Pablo Urdangarín (2), Andrei Buzle (3), Pablo Guijarro (1), Ferran Castillo (1), Víctor Romero (2) and Gerard Domingo (-)
Barça: Nielsen (-), Aleix (-), Dika Mem (5), Richardson (8), Frade (8), Carlsbogard (1) and Wanne (3) -starting seven- Thiagus Petrus (-), Jaime Gallego (3), Pol Valera (-), Langaro (3), Ariño (2), N'Guessan (1), Blaz Janc (3) and Cikusa (3)

Partial scores: 1-3; 4-7; 5-10; 6-12; 8-16; 9-19 // 11-22; 13-25; 16-30; 19-34; 21-37; 23-40

Referees: Aritz Zaragueta and Raúl Oyarzun

Força Barça
Força Barça

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