Barça 45 - 26 Helvetia Anaitasuna: Starting where they left off

Barça 45 - 26 Helvetia Anaitasuna: Starting where they left off

The blaugranes start the Liga Asobal with a resounding win over the side from Navarre

The first competitive game for Carlos Ortega's side this season at the Palau Blaugrana has ended in a 45-26 win. Seven saves by Nielsen and six goals by top scorers in the game Blaz Janc and Aleix Gómez proving essential.

Barça showed the same superiority in the league as the previous season, when they won by 22 points. This was the ninth matchday game, brought forward because the blaugranes will play the World Club Championship after wining the Champions League last season.

Blaugrana control

Carlos Ortega's side quickly went into a 4-1 lead, Nielsen making several saves in a row to establish a lead that would remain throughout the game. The Dane also scored and provided an assist.

The pace stepped up after the tenth minute, with Aleix Gómez on fire, and FC Barcelona gradually extended their lead. The Catalan top scored in the first half with five goals and the half time score was 26-13.

First three points in the bag

Barça came out again looking to keep scoring, this time with Gonzálo Pérez de Vargas in goal for the second half. The lead stretched to 21, with Carlsbogard and Blaz Janc proving effective for the home side, scoring 5/5 and 6/6 goals respectively. Final score 45 - 26.

The three points for FC Barcelona puts them into first place in the Spanish first division. Next game for Carlos Ortega's side is the Liga ASOBAL matchday one fixture on 9 September.


Barça: 45
Helvetia Anaitasuna: 26

Barça: Emil Nielsen (1), Jonathan Carlsbogard (5), Hampus Wanne (2), Blaz Janc (6), Aleix Gómez (6), Melvyn Richardson (4), Javi Rodríguez (3) – starting seven – Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (-), Pol Valera (2), Jaime Gallego (1), Thiagus Petrus (1), Djordje Cikusa (3), Langaro (5), Barrufet (3), Petar Cikusa (3). 

Helvetia Anaitasuna: Álvaro Gastón (-), Antonio Bazán (4), Eduardo Fernández (3), Martín Ganzua (-), Julen Elustondo (-), Nico Bonnano (3), Juan Bar (-) – starting seven – Nico Matinovic (1), Aitor García (4), Xavi González (2), Mikel Redondo (1), Adrián Ortiz (2), Aitor Albizu (3).

Partial score: 4-1, 9-4, 14-5, 18-9, 22-10, 26-13 - half time - 28-15, 34-17, 38-19, 41-21, 43-23, 45-26.

Referees: Alejandro Hoz Fernández and Axel Riloba Pereda

Força Barça
Força Barça

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